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Is Young Nudy Related to 21 Savage?

There is a question that has been on many people’s minds recently. Is Young Nudy related to 21 Savage? The two rappers have collaborated in the past and they both share similar styles of music.

Which has led some people to believe they are somehow related. Is there any truth behind these rumors?

21 Savage and Young Nudy, two of the most popular rappers in Atlanta today, are very much related. They both come from the same neighborhood in East Point, Georgia. According to eyewitnesses and sources close to them, these two young men have known each other for over ten years now. Young Nudy is a distant fellow cousin of 21 Savage.

Is Young Nudy Related to 21 Savage

In the past, one of 21 Savage’s most popular songs is called “Numb” and it features Young Nudy.

In this song both rappers rap about how they are numb to what’s going on in their neighborhood due to living around violence for so long that it no longer affects them.

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How Did 21 Savage and Young Nudy meet?

The two rappers met when they were teenagers. They both attended the same school, and their fathers knew each other from rival street gangs.

This is where these rumors may have stemmed from because at one point it was reported that Young Nudy’s father killed 21 Savage’s brother in a gang-related shooting.

In an interview with XXL magazine back in 2016, when asked if he had any friends who are famous rappers such as Kanye West or Drake.

21 Savage said, “Yea there’s my big cousin out here too…Young Nudy.”

He went on to describe how they would always be around each other growing up but never collaborated musically until now. This seems plausible considering what we know about them are not the same age and have had their own solo careers.

Who is more popular between them?

21 Savage has a bigger following on social media. Young Nudy’s song “Rerun” was the fourth most-streamed rap track of 2017 according to Spotify.

Their collaborations have peaked at number 68 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, but it is unclear if this success would be greater than their solo careers in general.

Between them, 21 Savage is more popular because of his work. In their social media account, he has over 12.14 million followers on Instagram and over 11.03 million followers on Twitter.

While Young Nudy only have about 375 thousand followers on each account.

21 Savage also had a more successful song than Young Nudy in terms of streaming.

It seems like they are both equally as popular and could never settle that question for us – we’ll just have to wait until more time passes by!

They both maintain a friendly relationship and have been seen together for years. It can seem like their music was much similar as well.