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Is Soulja Boy Married?

Soulja Boy is a professional rapper and record producer in America. His fans-followers are curious to know about his personal life. Is Soulja Boy married? Apart from this question, people want to know more about him. 

Well, the answer is no. Soulja is not married or is not in a relationship currently. But if you see his past life, you will find out several relationships. Soulja was in a relationship with youtuber Nia Riley but they are not together anymore. 

Is Soulja Boy Married
Soulja Boy / Image / Instagram: @souljaboy

The rapper Soulja boy’s dating life was full of controversy and has a long list of girlfriends over these years. His love life is not simple, relationship with several girlfriends complicated his love life. 

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Because of his popularity, he was in more chances to get into relationships. On social media recently, there is a rumor about his marriage. But that’s not true.

Soulja’s girlfriend list was long, and he was busy with his personal life. Most of them are in the music and social media personality. 

Soulja Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend

Soulja is currently single. In his career’s beginning, he started his love life with an American tv personality Brittish Williams. Their relationship goes well but suddenly they ended their relationship. 

Then he dated a model Rubi Rose who worked as an adult model. His love life is not short. Because of his fame, models and social media personalities wanted to be with him. 

However, another model India Love is his ex-girlfriend. His relationship with these models was not staying longer. Even he was in a relationship with an author. 

Besides, he dated a girl who is a rapper. The rapper’s name is Diamond. But the most important thing is several relationships do not affect his career. 

Soulja Boy was engaged two times and decided to marry. But somehow the engagement broke and he is still single. He has faced controversies because of his relationship with an unnamed girlfriend.

His girlfriend introduced her in the allegation as Jane Doe. She brings charges against Soulja that during their relationship he abused her violently. That accused her to be a miscarriage. 

In the courtroom, Jane Doe told, they were in a relationship between 2015 and 2016. During that time, she was abused by him physically and mentally. 

According to the allegation, Soulja was threatening to take her life with a gun when she refuge to have sex. Because of his torture, she did not give birth to her baby. That time she was pregnant. 

The most surprising matter is Soulja’s representative has not commented on this matter. That’s why his fans believed that he did these kinds of torture to Jane Doe. 

How was Soulja’s Life with Nia Riley?

soulja boy with his ex-girlfriend Nia
Soulja Boy & Nia Riley / Image / Google

If you noticed his love life, it was totally a mess till now. His most recent relationship is with Nia Riley. Soulja introduced Nia for the first time to his fans in the show Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood. 

Apart from this, Nia has a large number of fans followers on her Instagram account. Besides, she has a beauty brand under the name Shanel Cosmetics. On her Instagram account, she used to post about his cosmetics brand. 

However, Nia has a daughter Kamryn who was born in 2013. This daughter is not Soulja’s side, she was born before they started dating. 

Nia and Soulja started their relationship in 2013. They dated each other for six years. The show is the witness of their relationship’s ups and downs. 

However, their relationship was not going well with a lot of complaints and allegations. They ended their relationship and officially break up. Going for a mutual breakup and they moved on. 

Recently, Nia posted an image and caption like ”CHEERS TO THE PAST, AND CHEERS TO THE FUTURE!”

soulja's ex Nia
Nia Riley / Image / Instagram: @niariley

Nia Riley’s Popularity on Social Media?

As a social media personality and actor, she earned a huge number of fans on social media. On Instagram, she has above 1.1 million followers. 

Apart from being an actor, she is a social media personality who used to promote her business on Instagram. She posts everything on social media that’s why her fans are updated every time. 

Even her relationship with Soulja is posted on her account. However, after her breakup, these images and posts were removed from her account. 

Nia loves her daughter very much and because of her, she moved on from her tough situation. Because of her relationship with Soulja, her popularity gained more than before.