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Does Soulja Boy Own a Restaurant?

The rapper Soulja Boy is earned a lot of money through his musical career. As a millionaire, he invests his money in business purposes. So, let’s discuss and find out about his business. Does Soulja Boy own a restaurant?

Well, the answer is yes. Soulja Boy has a restaurant. In 2018, he brought a subway franchise. He was posted a video about his subway Franchise on his Instagram account. However, he made this announcement casually and he was happy to be the owner of the subway. 

Does Soulja Boy own a Restaurant
Soulja Boy / Image / Google

Moreover, Soulja was speaking with his fans through Instagram about his restaurant. He said, “It’s your boy Soulja Boy. I just bought a Subway!” He closed the clip by praising himself for making the investment as his buddy exclaimed, “Eat Fresh.”

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Investing in a business is a new trend that follows today’s rappers. They can easily promote their business through social media. Besides this restaurant, Soulja invested in many others businesses. 

Soulja Bou Clothing Line

In 2008, Soulja opened his clothing line “S.O.D clothing”. Because of his fame, it runs well. As a brand ambassador of his clothing line, he is being stylish.

The same year, Way open his shoe line which is known as “Yums”. This shoe brand is popular for material and Soulja’s brands. The shoe line got popular within a short time. 

After two years later, Soulja opened another clothing line with designer D. Their clothing line is known as “Ocean Gang”. D is a fashion designer who helped Way to design different types of cloth.

Moreover, Soulja created another clothing line in 2012. He invested a lot of money in the clothing line. The clothing line name is “BLVD. Supply” which is situated in California. He earned a lot through clothing line and going to be a billionaire in the future. 

Soulja Video Game Business

In 2018, Soulja invested in a video game business. His video game is known as SouljaGame. This game is criticized for being more expensive than other games. 

On the last of 2018, he released two more consoles. His games business got popular because of his fame. As a rapper, promote his own game is another level of success. 

However, he has interested in gaming programs. So, he invested in a video game for business purposes. In the gaming industry, there is a lot of opportunities to achieve much success.

Soulja Boy as a businessman

Soulja as an Actor

In 2009, Soulja Boy created a cartoon series on his name. The series title is known as ”Soulja boy”. This animated series released only one episode till now. 

However, he is a very passionate person. So, he wanted to make a move based on his life. Then he discussed the matter with Nick Cannon who is a rapper and actor. 

Somehow he reached to Peter Spirer and told him his idea. Peter represented his idea to make a documentary on Soulja rapper’s life. When the movie going to release, Soulja Boy was arrested for a drug charge. 

Because of this incident, the film was not released professionally. The documentary movie video was panned as DVD. For the poor video quality, music video clip detail was collected from youtube. 

Anyway, Soulja Boy was debut as an actor through the Juice movie. In this movie, he acted as the main character Bishop. Moreover, in 2013, he confirmed his guest appearance in the movie Officer Down. 

Record Production Business

Along with making music, he is also known as a record producer. His production using FL Studio which is a digital workstation. Under his production, V.I.C released his singles which got certified gold. 

In 2019, Way would help through his record production to Kanye West to record his fourth album. On the other hand, Kanye would help Way to release his third studio album. 

Unfortunately, this did not happen and the reason was not revealed. However, his record production is going well. Day by day improved a lot. 

Then in 2011, he released 50 Cent’s studio album which was his fifth album. Moreover, many famous rappers also record their song in Soulja’s record production.