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Is Soulja Boy Alive in 2023?

DeAndre Cortez Way is professionally known as Soulja Boy. He is a rapper who started his career in 2004. On the internet, there is news about his death. Is Soulja Boy alive?

The answer is yes. Soulja is alive and doing well. It’s a rumor which spread through social media. Soulja took a break from his work and at that time, people can not find him on social media. Anyway, this rumor ended when Soulja came back and started working. 

Is Soulja Boy Alive
Soulja Boy / Image / Instagram: @souljaboy

Recently in July 2021, on social media, a rumor spread. This rumor spread quickly and people started believing. This kind of social media spread rumors because of increasing followers and earn money through it. 

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Celeb like Soulja is used to this kind of rumor, and they did not pay attention. Soulja also keeps quiet and sees what happens when the situation getting worse his management clarifies the matter. 

When the rumor going viral, his fans were shocked to hear the news. They did not believe when all the online newspapers telecast the same news they believe. 

How the Rumor Spread?

A well-known Facebook page published a death hoax about rapper Soulja Boy. That post reached one million likes. Then people starting posted with the hashtag. 

Some of them comment on this post with RIP Soulja and so on. From that time, this news viral and reach the trending news. People should not believe what they see or listen to. 

The Facebook post was like “At about 11 a.m. ET on Saturday (July 31, 2021), our beloved rapper Soulja Boy passed away. Soulja Boy was born on July 28, 1990, in Chicago. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.”

Most of the celeb was faced these kinds of rumors. They are used to and did not react anymore. But sometimes, their verified page updated about their belonging. 

Yesterday, the rapper Soulja Boy posted an image on his Instagram account. In this image, he was standing with his luxury car and captioned like… ”Say. I had the biggest come back and I was the first rapper with this orange”. 

Soulja Boy tweet a day before
Soulja Boy / Image / Instagram: @souljaboy

Soulja’s Early Life

DeAndre Cortez Way was born on 28 July 1990, in Chicago. He did not stay in Chicago for a long time. When he was six years old, he moved to Atlanta. 

In Atlanta, he finds out his interest in rap music. He lived with his mother and little brother. They lead miserable life in which financial crisis was a common issue.

He was good at study but his interest in music effect his study. Soulja recalled his past like…

“I ain’t have nothing to do, just go to school”. “I used to be real smart, a straight-A student. But music affected my grades, I ain’t gonna lie.”

Somehow, he met with the rapper Young Kwon who introduced him to the music world. Even Kwon taught him how to beat. He recorded his first song with the help of Young. 

Then he moved to Mississippi with his father at the age of 14. In Mississippi, he got more chances to prove himself in the music industry. With the help of internet access, he started his music career. 

Using technology, he worked hard, recording music and with a camera started video. Day by day, he was improved his musical style and got famous. 

Controversies in Soulja’s Career

Every celeb has to face controversies and they are used to it. Soulja was also faced several times. He was banned from a school dance video for accuse of sexual content. 

In 2008, Ice-T blamed and criticized Soulja for killing and spoiling the hip-hop industry. Also compared some rappers with garbage. Then Kanye West defended Soulja by saying he was creating a new style of the hip-hop industry. 

Then another controversy started with the film Juice. Soulja told in an interview that he would make a movie with the same name as his album. In this matter, Ice-T told he was going to remake a movie that Pac’s. 

That is the problem and they started arguing. The same day Way Tweeted on his account about this matter. In 2009, Soulja dared Bow Wow to race their Lamborgini. Way doubted that Bow Wow’s Lamborgini rental. 

After some days, Bow came with proving that he has the ability to buy one. Then they argued through Twitter and mention each other on Twitter. Soulja’s career is full of Controversy.