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Is Pop Smoke British?

Pop Smoke is a famous rapper that has worked on plenty of great songs throughout his career. He got positive responses for his first mixtape. Is Pop Smoke British?

Well, Pop Smoke was born in Brooklyn, New York, meaning he is American. Although his father is Jamaican and his mother is Panamanian. Since he was born in America, he is American. 

Is Pop Smoke British
Pop Smoke / Image / google

As a child of mixed ethics, he can get more opportunities to learn different language accents. He used to talk in American accents. 

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However, Pop’s parents did not force him to learn their language or culture. He has the freedom to learn whatever he wanted to. 

In his short career, he introduced New York to a new sound The Uk drill sound. This is a massive success for him as a rapper. 

Today, we discuss his early life with his parents and how he became a rapper. His journey towards the rapper profession was not easy. 

Family Background 

Pop Smoke was born in mixed ethics family. In where his mother Audrey Jackson is Panamanian and his father Greg Jackson is Jamaican.

But Pop is American because of his birthplace. As an American rapper, he could have an opportunity to achieve much.

However, his brother is also American and speaks with an American accent. His childhood with his brother was enjoyable and miserable at the same time. 

His parents support him from the beginning. In his childhood, he grew up with his brother in Brooklyn. 

Because of his family and friend’s support, he could establish himself in two years. Talent and hard-working reached him in this position. 

Pop Introduced the UK Drill Sound

When his career reached 12 months, he introduced a new sound called the UK drill sound to New York. 

Through this sound, he can able to build a bridge between London and New York. This kind of sound was going to be lost on both sides of Atlanta.

Pop Smoke
Pop Smoke / Image / Instagram: @realpopsmoke

From this introduction, Pop’s popularity increased double, and people started to praise him. This was a success, he got in his short career. 

After he got shot, he said he wanted to make music for poor children wh brought up in poverty. But his dream was not fulfilled before his death. 

Debut Album

Pop Smoke started his career in 2018. In a Club, he wanted to test what-if he was able to rap. Suddenly started beat that was recorded for releasing later. 

In 2019, he released his first mixtape Flexin. Through this song, he officially debuts in the rapping industry. 

However, his real name was not Pop Smoke. It was his stage name which was a combination of two names. 

His grandmother gave him the name Poppa in childhood, and his friends gave him the nickname Smocco Guwop. From these two names, he decided to kept Pop Smoke. 

Then he got popular after releasing his first single ”Welcome to the Party”. This song was produced by 808Melo. 

In his childhood, he used to play drums in a local church and got appreciated for playing 808Melo sound. His first beat was from 808Melo’s youtube channel. 

Then, 808Melo collaborated with Pop’s song and success to produce unique styles and sounds. This Youtube channel helped him a lot to achieve success and established. 

Famous Work

In his short career, he did several great works. There are many chances to grow his career, but he did not get enough time. 

Some songs were reached the Billboard list and achieved much. Dior single is the first posthumous hit that reached number 22 on the Billboard list. 

It also made a position on the UK single charts. It was his first single which got him success. 

Rappers like Nicki Minaj and Darke remix his album’s song. Pop also got helped from 50 Cent and Roddy Ricch to record the features. 

Moreover, Pop wanted to take his mother to an award show when his album was completed. In 2010, Posthumously released his debut studio album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon. 

Some of his songs were appreciated by critics and his fans. People started to recognize him after releasing his singles. 

So, Pop’s career must be more successful if he did not attack by the shooter. Pop Smoke got success before his death.