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Is Pop Smoke Alive in 2022?

The rising star Pop Smoke is a rapper, songwriter, and also singer. He is famous for his single Welcome to the Party. Is Pop Smoke alive?

Well, the answer is no. Pop Smoke is not alive. He was killed in his rental home in Los Angeles. It was an attack for home robbery. Pop was shot by the robbers and wounded. The doctor of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center declared Pop was dead. 

Is Pop Smoke Alive
Pop Smoke / Image / Instagram: @realpopsmoke

The shooter was not caught by the police. Even they could not identify the suspect. 

The media and people saw someone with handcuffs but cops released him. Because there was no proof he was the shooter. 

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After hearing Pop’s dead news, his fans were shocked. They did not believe it at first and thought it’s a rumor. 

Their thinking was changed when an official notice come from his manager. It was an immature death and a great loss for the rapping industry. 

Many of his friends and rapper wrote about his unexpected death. They could not accept his death. 

However, his record label Republic Records wrote ”Devastated by the unexpected and tragic loss of Pop Smoke”

Nicki Minaj was worked with Pop for Welcome to the Party single. He wrote, “The Bible tells us that jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Unbelievable. Rest In Peace, Pop,”

Chip also Tweet about Pop’s death… “RIP POP SMOKE. Rap game f**ked up man. Kid was 20. Kmt,”

Moreover, the rapper 50 Cent and Megan Three Stallion expressed their condolence on social media. 

The Last Day of Pop’s Life

On 18 February, Pop and his friend Michael Durodola stayed together and had fun. 

They posted several images on social media. In one of their images, Michael’s house address was shown clearly. 

The rapper also posted on other social media Facebook and add his story. That day, he received some gifts that he added to his story. The murderer may show the address and find out the location. 

However, the last day of his life was enjoyable for him. At the same time, it was memorable for his friend. 

As a friend it was difficult to accept, it was his last day to spend together. Whatever, no one can change the truth. 

After Pop’s death, his friend has to face many critical situations. That time, he wrote on Instagram… Sh*t I Wish You Was Here To See All The Fake Love You Getting The Real Will Always Prevail And The Fake Will Never Succeed

Pop Smoke with his friend Michael
Pop Smoke & Michael / Image / Instagram: @__mikedee

In another post, he wrote his feeling with added a photo…CANT NOTHING EXPRESS THE PAIN I’M FEELING ….I JUST LOST MY F**KING BROTHER, MY HEART MY DAWGZ.

How Pop’s Life Before Death?

The rapper Pop Smoke began his career in 2018. Once he visited the Brooklyn recording studio with his rapper friend. 

His friend Gwuapo was drunk and suddenly fell asleep. That time Pop went to the booth for the first time to try if he can do it. 

However, he recorded a beat of what he learned from the 808Melo youtube channel. In 2019 January, He released his first work Flexin.

The producer Rico Beats helped Pop to record the single. Then Pop got a chance to sign Victor Victor Worldwide. 

In 2019, Pop released his breakthrough singles Welcome to the Party. For this single, 808Melo is the producer. 

Then Nicki Minaj and Skepta record two remixes of this song. This is the starting of Pop’s career. 

Moreover, he got busy focusing on his career more than anything. Build a career in the rapping industry is the first priority for him.  

In his short career, he also made a position on Billboard 200. It was a great success. His career is at a peak, at that time all his dreams end. 

However, his life was going well before his death. All the work going smoothly and increased his success day by day. 

Early Life

Pop Smoke was born in 1999, on 20 July in New York. His real name is Bashar Barakah Jackson. 

He was brought up and spend his childhood with his brother Obasi. While he was in school, he has to change his school ninth times.  

Moreover, he was expelled from his school to carry a weapon in school. For this reason, he has to fulfill two years’ punishment. 

After that, his situation was not favorable for him. However, he changed his situation after joined the rapping industry.