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Does Pop Smoke Have a Brother?

Pop Smoke is an American rapper and singer. He has been acclaimed for both his rapping and Musical style during his career. Does Pop Smoke have a brother?

Well, Pop Smoke has an elder brother Obasi Jackson. Obasi is a singer and has a youtube channel. He uploads his songs on the youtube channel. Jackson is also active on social media. 

Does Pop Smoke Have a Brother
Pop Smoke / Image /Google

Obasi is well known as the elder brother of Pop. He earned probably 4k followers on the Tiktok account. Through his account, he used to make videos on his songs.  

Some of Jackson’s song was appreciated by his fans. On social media like Instagram and Twitter, Jackson is getting popular day by day. 

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After Pop’s death, Jackson revealed how they were shocked after hearing the news. His family was broke down after Pop’s immature death. They can not imagine they have to witness this brutal truth. 

Jackson also expressed his emotion. He can neither see pop’s live show nor hears his brother’s voice. He lost his brother with whom he shared everything. 

Obasi Jackson’s Career

At a young age, Jackson established himself as a rapper and singer. He is getting popular after releasing the song ”Work” tribute to his brother’s death. 

Recently he released another song ”What it is and Ain’t Worried”. This song reached him at the peak of his career. Jackson is working on several songs to release. 

However, he was a singer who uploaded his song on his youtube channel, where he got thousands of views but did not give up. This hard-working got him success. 

Because of his brother, he gained popularity. According to social media, his personal life is not revealed. He tried his best to keep privacy. 

Obasi Jackson Life with his Brother Pop Smoke

Obasi is the elder brother of Pop. They spend their childhood in Brooklyn. However, they spend a memorable childhood. 

In their childhood, Jackson did not behave well. For this reason, he had to change his school several times. He did not settle down in a school because of his behave. 

Moreover, he was expelled from school for carrying a weapon in school. His elder brother was not like Pop. Jackson was more well-behaved from his childhood. 

Then Pop was interested in playing basketball and shooting guard. He was moved to Philadelphia to focus on basketball. But he has to leave after being diagnosed with a heart murmur.

However, Obasi supported his brother from childhood. After the death of Pop, Jackson told Penson about his death, ”going to miss so many things”.

Pop brother and his mother
Pop’s brother Obasi Jackson & his mother / Image / Instagram: @obasijofficial

He also added, ”I won’t be able to hug my brother again, tell him I love him again, I won’t be able to see him”

Anyway, Pop Smoke is still the king of New York. After Pop’s death, his brother Jackson released a single named work. This video is open with a sign of Pop Smoke photograph. Pop coffin footage was the feature in this video. 

Why did Pop Smoke arrest?

Pop was arrested in 2020 when he returned from Paris fashion week. He was arrested at the airport by federal authorities. Federal authorities charged him for stealing Rolls-Royce Wraith. 

However, Smoke explained that he borrowed the car in California for a music video shoot. After shooting, he will return it the next day. But the Investors did not believe his explanation. 

Even he arranged a flatbed truck to transport the car to New York. On his social media account, he posted an image in front of Roll Royce that was stolen from California. 

However, the car was recovered by federal authorities at his mother’s house in Brooklyn. Police snatch him from the Crips after his arrest. 

Police asked him about a shooting incident which was occurred in 2019. That time Pop was driving near the crime spot that saw on the footage. Police tried to find out more information about GS9, Brooklyn Gang, and Crips. 

Even they pressurized Pop to speak about these gangs. But Pop refused to talk about this. Police again pressurized him, and he again refused to co-operate. Then he has to sign a bond to agree to stay away from these gangs. 

Moreover, he had to submit his drug test to Federal authorities. At that time, he did not perform on stage. There might be gang members in the audience.