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Is Millie Bobby Brown Canadian?

The rising star, Millie Bobby Brown has been known for the famous tv series Stranger Things. She is a famous model, actress, and producer. Brown starts working in all sectors of the media industry. Is Millie Bobby Brown Canadian?

Millie is British from her birth. She gets British nationality naturally because her parents are British. As a British, she can not speak in British accents properly. Brown told about her nationality at a media conference. In her family background, all are British and grown-up through this culture. 

Is Millie Bobby Brown Canadian
Millie Bobby Brown | Depositphotos.com

Because of her career, her family moved to England from Spain. After shifting to England, she started to learn an American accent. 

Though she is British, she had to learn British accents for her film. For the ”Enola Holmes” film, she relearned her native language accent.

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Family Background

Millie was born on 19 February 2004 in Spain. She was born in a British family. Robert Brown is her father who used to run a business and also an estate agent. Kelly is her mother who is a homemaker. They both belong to British nationality. 

As she was growing up, she interacted with British culture through food, music, and language, through her parents. BUt could not capture her native language.

Millie was the third child of her parents. She has two sisters and a younger brother. They used to live in Spain but they moved to England when she was four years old. 

Then they moved to Orlando four years later. Their financial condition was not good enough to run their expenses. 

In 2020, she lost her grandmother. she used to call her nanny “Guardian Angel”. Millie could not even say goodbye to her nanny because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Then, she shared her feeling on Instagram. Brown wrote a long post in which her current feeling and special moment with her nanny. 

“Loss is something so complex and I go thru spells where I can’t stop crying and then I laugh about all the memories and then sit quietly and try to comprehend what happened. Alzheimer’s is evil. It’s cruel”

Finally, she controlled herself and told: “Rest easy nanny.”

If we search her family background, we can not find a single person who worked in Hollywood. But she was interested in acting from her childhood. 

Her parents used to live a normal life before they decided to send her daughter to Hollywood. They sold everything and her father left his job to support her daughter. 

Then, her entire family moved to Los Angeles from Orlando. After reached Los Angeles, their family went through a tough situation. 

Millie Boby Brown
Millie Boby Brown / Image / Instagram: @milliebobbybrown

Style and Fashion Sense

In 2017, Millie first worked as a model with Calvin Klein. Then signed a contract with the IMG Models agency group. 

However, Millie first appeared on tv when she was eight. She was criticized many times for her fashion sense.  

Her followers criticized… though she is a teenage girl but dressed like a too grown-up. This kind of criticize does not bother her. 

Even, she is being trolled on the internet for her wardrobe choices. As a teenage actress, she also thinks what a teenage girl can. 

Before selecting a dress for Red Carpet, she thinks twice. Brown said… “It’s always difficult to dress for a Red Carpet event because a lot of people have opinions and unfortunately you say you won’t listen to it, but you actually kind of have to,”

Awards and Nominations

After acted in Stranger Things, she got popular. She gets a nomination from Primetime Emmy Awards for supporting actress in this tv series. 

Then she was also nominated for Stranger THings from Saturn Award, the USA in 2017 and 2018. She won an award for Best Younger Actor in a Television Series in 2017. 

Millie is one of the youngest ones to be nominated for Emmy awards. Stranger Things was her life-changing tv series. 

As a younger actress, she already won some awards for tv series and films. For the tv series Stranger Things, she got nominate probably from every award community. 

Millie worked hard for this series. Even she shaved her head for her character. Through this hard work, now she is recognized by people.

Then worked in a film named Enola Holmes in which she played the youngest sibling of this Holmes family. For this movie, she has to learn her native British accent. 

However, she told in an interview about her relearning British accent. She got praise from critics. Enola Holmes film gets appreciation from all over the world.  

Millie won the Kids’ Choice Awards for Enola Holmes in 2021. Also got nominate for Best Youth Performance for this movie.

Besides, London Critics Circle Film Awards nominate Millie for Young British/Irish Performer of the Year. As a British, it was her first nomination from ALFS Award. 

She also got a nomination for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Because of her remarkable acting skill, she won awards in her short career.


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