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Does Millie Bobby Brown Speak Spanish?

Millie Bobby Brown is a beloved actress, producer, and model. She is known as a worldwide icon for her role in Stranger Things. Does this actress speak Spanish?

Millie Bobby Brown was born in Spain so, it’s natural to speak in Spanish. But Millie was born to a British family. Her father, Robert Brown, and her mother, Kelly Brown, both are British. So, she does not know Spanish.

Does Millie Bobby Brown Speak Spanish

Both of her parents used to speak in British accents. They introduced Millie to the British culture, language. Because of their shifting from Spain to England, Millie used to speaking in an American accent. 

Her family moved from Spain to England at a young age, so she can not learn Spanish.

The Brown Family History

While Millie doesn’t speak Spanish, she hearing spoken Spanish at an early age. When she was four, she used to listen to Spanish from neighbors.  

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The actress talked about her parents. Her father is British and worked for an estate agent, also had a teeth whitening business. Her mother is also British and they speak in a British accent. 

Millie Boby Brown
Image / Instagram: @milliebobbybrown

Though they are British, they lived in Spain. After that, when Millie was four years old, they moved to England.  

However, she grew up in England and spent most of her time in London and Atlanta. Learn American accent from watching the Disney channel. 

Her mother, Kelly Brown told in an interview about her child’s childhood. Millie used to act from her childhood and watching Musicals instead of cartoons. 

In her family, no one used to work in Hollywood. Millie is the first one to enter the Hollywood industry. 

She wanted to enter Hollywood and find a chance to work. That time, she joined an acting workshop to spend her lazy weekend.  

One day Hollywood talent scout noticed her acting. Then suggested her parents support her acting talent. 

After that, her parents decided to move to Los Angeles. Then, she met in an agency which was consists of Hollywood’s top talented children. 

Then she started acting on a BBC America show. Her family sacrificed a lot for her career and success. 

Struggle and Hidden Talent

While Millie is now known for her roles in many blockbuster movies, the star didn’t start as a lead actress. She debuted as a guest character in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. 

Before acted in a film named Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, she did not have experience. But she did great in this movie. 

At an early age, she first acted in a tv show, and through tv shows, her career started. Her passion for acting makes her an actress. 

However, she also decided to quit acting in 2016. As a rising star, she faced a lot of problems to cope up with Hollywood. 

In a competitive industry, she has to struggle for recognition. That time her family went through a bad situation. 

At that time, they started to borrow money from Millie’s manager. But they did not give up their hope. 

When she did not get work and get rejected from auditions, she decided for a moment to quit. Millie told in a night show named The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Millie told…

“I think I was very disheartened by the rejection, which is something I tell Everyone is. Like this industry is such- just full of rejection 24/7”

The actress Brown also faced an incident during a movie promotion. After the incident, she posted a video with tearful eyes on Instagram about the incident. 

In this incident, she refused to take a video, her fan continued to record a video and started an argument. Millie asked her followers to respect her privacy. 

Remarkable Work

In 2016, she got a chance to play in a science fiction horror movie named Stranger Things. Her character’s name was Eleven. 

For this role, she shaved her head. After shaved her head, she talked about her feelings to a reporter.

“On the one hand, it was cool. When you’re bald, rain feels like a head massage. I’d walk in the rain and people would look at me like I was crazy”

After releasing Stranger Things on Netflix, she started to recognize by people. Through this movie, she got fame and popularity overnight. 

Besides, She gets praise from audiences and critics and also received an award for her role. Even on Halloween, fans dressed up as her character Eleven. 

We saw her acting all three seasons, and season four is her upcoming project.  

Then Millie was starring in a new film for Netflix. For the ”Enola Holmes” movie, she had to learn the British accent.

Though she is British she speaking in an American accent. In Stranger Things, she was speaking in an American accent for the last five years.  

So, Brown learned the British accent for this movie and it was tough for her. In this movie, she played a lead role and also produce for the first time. 

In her early career, she was selected as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and it’s a great achievement for her. As a rising star, Millie achieves a lot. 


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