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Is Lil Nas X Vegan?

The answer is no. Lil Nas X is not vegan, but he is still a very well-known and respected rapper. He is currently touring the world with his album “7” which has been out since April of 2019.

The answer is no. Lil Nas X is not vegetarian because he eats eggs, bacon, shrimp, and more meat on top of vegetables like corn and beans in his diet. He tried hard to maintain his diet chart.

Is Lil Nas X Vegan
Lil Nas X / Image / Instagram: @lilnasx

Diet Routine

Lil Nas X is very conscious about his diet and tries to follow it as much as possible which is one of the reasons why many people look up to him for inspiration about what they should be eating too or how they should eat at least every once in a while just so that their body feels good without feeling weighted down by all the junk food out there!

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He makes sure that he stays hydrated when touring with water bottles everywhere around him during performances since being my is very important to him.

Lil is also a fan of organic food, too which is great if you’re looking for some new recipes that are not only healthy but delicious as well!

Moreover, Lil keeps almonds in his on-tour rider because he is always hungry and needs something crunchy or else he will feel “foggy.”

When asked about eating dessert with vegan ice cream, he said it’s one thing he does enjoy once in a while. He usually doesn’t eat before bedtime so there is no need for the extra calories at night!

He also has meals planned out by time so everything is prepped and ready to go when needed without having any work to do.

Exercise Routine

Lil rarely gets free time to give himself. But he tried his best to work out daily.

“It’s hard to find the time, but I try my best every day. If I don’t have a show that night or anything like that then it is easier for me.” Lil Nas X in an interview with Teen Vogue

Lil started his morning routine by doing yoga and running on the treadmill before breakfast at 11 am sharp. Though He is not vegan, sometimes try vegan food which is usually homemade oatmeal with berries, banana slices, almond milk, sugar, and cinnamon mixed together.

He is also very conscious about what he drinks as well so you will see him drinking water from a Brita filter bottle or occasionally using coconut milk instead of animal milk when cooking meals.

So, he can not exercise daily, he tried to eat healthy to stay fit.

lil nas x diet
lil nas x vegan
Lil Nas X / Image / Instagram: @lilnasx

Lil’s Life

Lil used to eat healthy food from his early life. But it is hard for him to maintain that healthy life when he is a celebrity.

“At one point I used to eat everything organic and vegan because I’m trying to take care of my body the best way possible,” Lil said in an interview with Teen Vogue about his eating habits before fame. But now if we’re on tour or something like that then it’s not easier for me.

Before his fame, Lil leads a normal life. “I’m trying to lead a little more of a regular life and go back into the old ways I had,” he said in an interview with Teen Vogue. “You know, try not eating out as much.”

As a busy person maintain a healthy routine is tough. I don’t eat organic or anything like that anymore just because I was on tour and it isn’t easy on the road – there are no good places where we can stop for food so sometimes I have fries instead of salad which is really bad!

In conclusion, Lil is not vegan because of his busy schedule. He is vegetarian but wishes that one day he could become vegan again.