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Is Lil Nas X Related to Skai Jackson?

Many people have been wondering is Lil Nas x related to Skai Jackson? Both of these celebrities are young and talented. They also happen to both be African American, which is an important detail in answering this question.

The answer is no, Lil Nas x is not related to Skai Jackson. The only similarity is that people can’t seem to tell the two apart when they are wearing their hair in a ponytail or braids. This could be due to the fact that both of them have dark skin and brown eyes which makes it difficult for others who don’t know them well enough to recognize them from afar.

Is Lil Nas X Related to Skai Jackson
Lil Nas X | Via Instagram @lilnasx

Some speculate that this confusion is because one person may just think he’s seen another celebrity on TV and is making an assumption about Lil Nas X even though it turns out he never actually saw him before at all but saw his dopplegänger: Skai Jackson!

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But if you notice closely, these two celebrities are not twins and don’t even look alike.

This is because Lil Nas x is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia while Skai is an actress in Los Angeles, California.

How did they Meet Together?

Lil Nas X and Skai Jackson met for the first time on a video chat application called FaceTime.

Skai is in Atlanta to film her new movie “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn”, which is set to come out next year. Lil Nas is also from Georgia but right now is living in Los Angeles.

The two stars managed to recognize each other because of their braids! It is pretty cool how they found one another through social media after not even knowing about the existence of the other person before that moment.

Lil Nas is touring with BTS this year during their “Love Yourself World Tour” all around America and Europe. He was at one of the venues when he saw Skai on stage doing her thing as she is an opening act for some dates during that tour too!

Lil Na X’s Famous Work

Lil Na is best known for his work with the rap group The Pack. He is also a member of hip-hop collective Ratking and is signed to Columbia Records.

The most famous work is ‘Shootout,’ which is also the first single on his album. And the second is called ‘Hunnid Stax’ and it is about Lil Na going to a strip club with his friends for some fun.

Lil Nas X has made himself well-known in the hip-hop industry because of how unique he is, as well as how talented.

The music is relatable to most people because of the subject matter that is discussed in his songs and he is one of those artists who you can’t help but listen to him, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Skai Jackson Famous Work

Skai is an actor, best known for her work as Zuri Ross in Disney Channel’s Jessie.

She is also known for starring alongside Tyler Posey in the MTV show Teen Wolf where she portrays Kira Yukimura, the main character and love interest to Scott McCall (Posey).

However, Skai is currently working on starring opposite Milo Ventimiglia and Alexandra Daddario in an NBC pilot called The Enemy Within. She is also one of those actresses who you can’t help but notice because she gives such great performances when asked.

Jackson has made herself well-known among audiences because it seems like every time someone watches something with her that they are impressed by what they see from the young actress. Despite being so young, already having many roles in her arsenal is a testament to the skill and talent of this starlet.

Who is More Famous?

It’s tough to say who is more famous. But according to social media fame, Lil Nas x is more famous than Skai.

Because of his talent, he earned much fame within a short time. People follow them to know their latest news.

Lil is a rapper, so it’s not surprising that he is more famous than Skai is. They are both teenagers and talented in their own ways but Lil Nas x is also an artist which may make him even more popular among fans of his music genre.

It seems like they have different levels of fame with one being significantly higher or lower depending on how you measure success in regards to social media.