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Does Lil Nas X Have Diamond Teeth?

Did you know that does Lil Nas X have diamond teeth? This is a question that many people ask themselves. There are many things about the rapper that we don’t know, especially considering he’s been quite mysterious in interviews. So what do we really know about does Lil Nas x have diamond teeth?

The answer is yes. He does not just wear them for show either; they’re probably genuine diamonds. Lil Nas X has to be worth millions of dollars! It was a dare from his friend so he did that. 

Does Lil Nas X Have Diamond Teeth
Lil Nas X | Via Instagram @lilnasx

His Diamond Manicure and Grillz

Lil was posted his manicure and Grillz photo on his Instagram account. His diamond Grillz does make his smile look brighter!

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In an interview, Lil was asked about does Lil Nas X has diamond teeth. He does not want to talk about but he does confirm that it was a dare from the friend.


Lil says “I don’t feel like talking about my financial status.”

He does state though that people can assume his Grillz is expensive because of how hard he’s been grinding lately.

Public Image

Lil always keeps a unique fashion sense. That’s why people follow him every time. His fans love to know more about his life, choice, and so on.

Vouge considers Lil as a master of fashion. His stylist says about his choice of colors, and futuristic style that he does not care about the trends.

Lil is always wearing a cap and sunglasses, which make him look even more mysterious. Because of his fashion and lifestyle, he does not need to make any changes in his look.

Image / Instagram: @lilnasx

Early Life

Lil was born in Georgia outside of Atlanta. He does not share his family’s background, but he has never been interested in it as well.

Lil was raised by a single mother and had an aunt who lived with them. His father left the house when Lil was just six years old.

When Lil started to show some interest in rap music, he became obsessed with hip-hop culture that made him create songs about what is happening on TV. At that time such as “The Jeffersons” and “Different Strokes”.

He also did cover versions of ’80s new wave hits like The Cars’ “You Might Think,” which showcases how much of a huge pop sensation they were back then even though I don’t listen to those tunes now because my ears are too.

However, he spent most of his teenage life alone and spending time on social media. He does not have many friends and does not go to big parties.

Internet Personality

Lil Nas X said that he does feel like an internet personality as well because of how much time he spends on social media. But at the same time, it’s cool for him since his songs are getting such a good reaction with people who might never meet me or see my face in person.

The rapper did say that being famous is “pretty wild” when you’re used to hiding from everybody your whole life just because they think you don’t do anything worthwhile.

He said: “I’m still Lil Nas X, I’ve been out here doing shows all by myself.” But then again, fame has its downsides too. Being an internet personality, he can easily promote his other business.

Lil Nas X does not only talk about what other people might think and want him to do but instead does his own thing and does it in the best way that he can.

Lil’s Property

When he posted his Manicure and Grillz’s photo on the internet, people started talking about his property and asset.

The rapper does have a lot of money because he is rapping about his life on the internet and people always want to know what’s going on in his personal life.

One time, Lil Nas X posted a photo with him wearing diamond grillz while holding stacks of cash. He does not only wear them for show but also does it because he can afford to do so.

Moreover, he doing modeling for some clothing lines which is another source of his income.