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Is Kendrick Lamar Retired?

Kendrick Lamar is an American rapper who is famous for his first retail Overly Dedicated. He is also known as a record producer and songwriter. There have been a lot of questions regarding Lamar’s retirement. Let’s find out ”Is Kendrick Lamar retired?” 

Well, the answer is no. Kendrick Lamar is not retired. He hasn’t released an album in three years. That does not mean he was retired. Maybe he works on his upcoming album. There was no official retirement announcement. So, it is a rumor.

Is Kendrick Lamar Retired
Kendrick Lamar

The rumor spread through social media. On social media, people used to believe what they see and listen to. This is not fair, they should justify the news. Kendrick is still working and doing great.

We do not know the reason for his break from work. But we hope he comes back with style! Taking a break from work is normal for a singer. When they did not produce good songs, they took a break.

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However, Lamar started working as a professional rapper in 2004. From that time, he tried his best to do good work. In 2009, he started to recognize by people. Through the work Overly Dedicated, he earned his fame. 

Kendrick Lamar

How is The Rumor Spread?

Lamar’s last album was released in 2019. Then he took a break for a long time. Because of his break, people thought he retired from his career. 

However, his last album was ”Black Panther” which was released in 2018. During that time, he was not active on social media. So, everyone thought he said goodbye to his career. 

Took a vacation and went offline is the best refreshment for everyone. Lamar also did the same. That’s why people could not find him on social media. 

Several social media pages took the initiative and spread Lamar’s retirement. At first, Kendrick did not respond to this rumor. Cause celeb like Lamar faced this kind of rumor many times. 

Then his manager clarified the rumor. He also said about Lamar’s plan for his upcoming album. There was no issue with recording. During this time, Kendrick concentred on his work and worked on his beat style. 

Recently, he was seen shooting a music video on a beach. That is the sign of his come back. This music video is recording in California over a private sea beach. 

Another news shocked his fans that he was left his record production. After 17 years spent in Top Dawg Entertainment, he decided to leave the record label. Even he did not drop a final album with them. 

Why did Kendrick leave Top Dawg Entertainment?

In 2017, he logged in to his social media account to know his decision to his fans. On his social accounts like Instagram and Twitter, he uploaded a mysterious folder. 

Through this folder, his fans reached his new website named ”Oklama”. On his website, he posted a detail of why he left the record label. He also uploaded his new album.

However, recently he is working with Kanye West and Darke for his new album. On his website, he posted about his happiness, struggles, and hard work with the TDE record label. 

Lamar signed with the TDE record label in 2005. Then all his albums were released under this record label. Finally, he left the record label and expressed his happy time with them. 

After Lamar’s decision, the owner of TDE posted on Instagram and shared happy moments with Kendrick. He also wished Lamar success whenever he goes. In this way, Kendrick ended his journey with the TDE record label. 

How Did Kendrick Lamar Start his Career?

Lamar released his first mixtape album ”Youngest Head Ni*ga in Charge” at the age of 16 in 2004. This mixtape was recorded on his local record label. Because of the mixtape, he got a contract with the record label TDE. 

After two years later of signing the contract, Lamar released a mixtape named Training Day. In 2006, the rapper Kendrick appeared with several famous rappers. He also featured some songs as a guest. 

At the beginning of his career, he used to work on music videos as a feature. However, he signed a contract with Lil Wayne. Then he released his third mixtape album named C4. 

IN this way, he started his career and becomes famous. Moreover, he has a long way to go. He has not any plan to retire. So, just enjoy his song and wait for his upcoming album.