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Is Kendrick Lamar Dead in 2023?

The American rapper Kendrick Lamar is also known as a record producer and songwriter. He is the most prominent rapper of his generation. There has been a lot of questions about his break from work and so on. The most popular question is “‘Is Kendrick Lamar Dead?”

Well, the answer is no. Kendrick Lamar is not dead. He is alive and doing well. However, Lamar is the latest celeb to have a death hoax on social media. This news was fueled by an article published by an online page. But soon, this news turned out to be false. 

Is Kendrick Lamar Dead

The rumor that Kendrick Lamar is dead spread as a result of the following Facebook status: R.I.P Kendrick Lamar. Through this status, this online page attracted more than one million people within a short time. 

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Thousands of fans started to write their condolence message on social media. Celebs did not respond to these kinds of rumors. They are used to face this. 

However, the main reason behind this rumor is Lamar did not release any album since 2018. During this time, people get enough time to spread the rumor. When the rumor went out of control, Lamar’s manager confirmed his belonging. 

Early Life of Kendrick Lamar

Lamar was born on 17 June 1987 in Compton, California. His parents are from California City. However, he was brought up with gang members but did not join gangs. 

His mother was inspired by songwriter Eddie Kendricks and gave him his first name. When he was eight years old, he met his idol Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur. They were shooting for a music video. 

However, he was the witness of the hit song ”California Love” shooting. This time it was the most hit song of this year. As a fan of famous rappers, he was lucky to see them.

In his childhood, Lamar attended McNair Elementary school. Then he joined another school named Compton Unified School District. As a kid, Lamar was quiet and shy. 

Before turn eight, he was a loner boy who used to stay alone. He was a meritorious student in high school. Lamar joined Centennial High School in his teenage. 

Kendrick Lamar Career Beginning

Kendrick’s wanted to be a part of the music industry from his childhood. He released his first album at the age of 16. In 2004, Lamar released his first mixtape album. 

However, he did not use his real name. He used a pseudonym name K-Dot. Through this mixtape, he got recognition in his area. Somehow, Lamar signed a contract with the Top Dawg Entertainment record label. 

In his early life, he was also working with several rappers as a guest. Lamar earned more recognition after battling in a live video. His rap was so real over an instrumental. LAter his rap was released as a track named West Coast Wu-Tang. 

At the beginning of Lamar’s career, he used to release mixtape albums. However, his third mixtape album was with Lil Wayne. This album C4 was themed inspired by Lil Wayne’s album. 

Suddenly, Lamar felt like he should drop his name K-Dot and choose Kendrick Lamar as his stage name. In 2009, he released a self-titled album. 

Controversies of Kendrick Lamar

Celebs are used to face controversies. That’s why they did not pay attention to it. Kendrick was also one of them. In 2015, Lamar faced controversies for his song lyrics. 

Lamar judging the black community in this song ”The Blacker the Berry”. Later Kendrick spoke out about the lyrics. He said, he did not mention the community, he belongs to. 

Moreover, he wrote whatever he faced in his life. Lamar had faced many issues with this song. Even, the model of this video song was harassed by people. 

Media also increased these controversies by writing an article. Lamar making a song and invited several rappers to his song. Rappers like Meek Mill, Joe Budden also appeared in his song.