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Is Kendrick Lamar in a gang?

The American rapper Kendrick Lamar started his journey in 2012. Through this time, he is considered the most influential rapper of his generation. There has been a lot of question about Kendrick Lamar’s life. The most popular question is ”Is Kendrick Lamar in a Gang”? Let’s discuss and find out. 

Well, the answer is no. Kendrick Lamar is not in a gang. Although he grew up around gang members, he did not join any. However, his father and his close friend were members of a gangster. The gangster was known as Gangster Disciple. 

Is Kendrick Lamar in a gang

Growing up around gangsters, he was not a member. This is the best example of an ideal kid. His intention was not to join a gangster. From childhood, he wanted to be a rapper. 

In his childhood, he met his idol and was inspired to be a professional rapper. Lamar did not want to be like his father. As a gangster, they showed them and used their power to do crimes. 

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However, as a child, he always tried to figure out what the elders do. His memories were meaningful and enjoyable. Moreover, he took a tough decision not to be a gangster. 

Lamar moved to Compton from Chicago so that he could escape from these Gangstar. That was the best decision for him, and that made him a professional rapper. 

How was Lamar’s Childhood?

Lamar was born in Chicago and spent his childhood there. As a child, he enjoyed his time with his father and friends. Though his parents were the member of gangster, he has not any interest in gangster. 

In school, he was a sharp student who wrote stories, lyrics, and poems. His family was directly attached to the violence of streets and gang activities. 

Though his family connected with gangsters, he was soft-spoken and kind-hearted. Even as a child, he was a keen observer. There were plenty of things that made him separated from his family. 

Somehow, he got a chance to watch his idol’s music video shooting. At that time, he was inspired and concentrated on his work. His passion for music started when he met Dr. Dre. 

Lamar connected with the music industry from an early age. At the early of his career, he used to write lyrics for other rappers. After starting his career, he collaborated with several rappers. 

Kendrick Lamar’s Famous Work

Lamar started his journey through a mixtape album. From that time, he did several famous works. As a famous rapper, he had to work hard and have patience. 

Though he started working at the age of 16, he had to wait for fame. In this industry, only good work is appreciated. There are many works by Lamar. Among them, several are most appreciated and got famous.

In 2010, Lamar released a song named P&P 1.5 from the album ”Overly Dedicated”. This song achieved much and peaked at the Billboard charts. This album was first released under the TDE record label. 

Then it was released online for free. The song has a good impression to peak at the number 72 on the Billboard Chart. This is the first achievement he has. 

In 2012, Lamar released another album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. This album was released jointly via Interscope, Top Dawg. In this album, fellow rappers appeared as a guest. 

Lamar was featured in Eminem’s album called Marshall Mathers LP 2. Because of his work, Lamar got plenty of awards. Getting an award for work is the best thing. 

If you talked about his famous work, you will get many. Some of them are appreciated by critics and his fans. This is a great achievement in his life. 

How was Lamar’s Life before Fame?

Lamar wanted to be a rapper from his childhood. So, he started his career at an early age. Being a lyric writer he also appeared in several music videos. 

Before appearing as a professional rapper, he was struggling and work hard for recognition. This was a hard time for any artist. Celeb like Kendrick did not get fame overnight. 

Lamar was known for his album ”Overly Dedicated” in 2010. The same year, he also released another album. This is the starting of his journey. Through his journey, he got many awards and achievements.