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Is Jason Derulo Married?

Jason Derulo is well known as an American singer, dancer, and songwriter. He started his career in 2009 through his single ”Whatcha Say”. Let’s discuss and find out about his personal life. Is Jason Derulo married?

Well, the answer is no. Jason Derulo is not married yet. He has a long-time relationship with his girlfriend named Jena Frumes. Before dating Jena, he was in another relationship with Jordin Sparks. But they ended their relationship in 2014. 

Is Jason Derulo Married
Jason Derulo / Image / Instagram: @jasonderulo

His girlfriend, Jena Frumes is an American model and actress. She made an identity on social media for her fitness and modeling. Jena is famous on social media for her fitness. 

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Moreover, she is also known as an influencer who belongs to New Jersey. As a fashion-conscious model, Jena runs a clothing line. Her clothing line is based on Los Angels’ collection named ”Minding My Business”.  

Jason and Jena spent most of the time together, and they are not ready yet to get married. Maybe they have plans but do not reveal them yet. They are waiting for the right time.

However, Jason’s married rumor has been flying for a little. Behind the rumor, people were very excited to see them tied their knot. An online page spread a rumor about Jason’s married and people believed it easily. 

 Jason Derulo with his girlfriend Jena Frumes
Jason Derulo with his girlfriend Jena Frumes / Image / Instagram: @jenafrumes

According to social media, they are still together and doing great in their personal life. Jena used to post their image on a social account like Instagram. On Instagram, they posted photos and Tweeted about special moments. 

How is Jason’s Life with Jena Frumes?

They started to post about their relationship in 2020. But people suspect that they started dating a few months ago. If you saw their Instagram account, you will see their love for each other. 

Recently, Jena Frumes posted a status on her Instagram account to mention Jason, ”Babyyyyyy you are literally a dream come true! I love loving you! My better half, best friend, missing puzzle piece, protector, happiness, and my motivation. You are such an extraordinary human 💛 I LOVEEEEE you to infinity @jasonderulo. Happy anniversary my love”

Image / Instagram: @jenafrumes

From this status, their fans and followers know their relationship which began a few months ago but no one knows. Many newspapers thought that they are a perfect match and made for each other. 

According to social media, Jason and Jena first met at the gym. They both have a love for fitness and fitness made then met. Jason was the one who went for the first step. Then they started dating. 

However, their relationship started in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. They were seen in several TikTok videos together. They get a lot of time to build their understanding. 

Even they spent their vacation together. In an interview, the singer Jason revealed that they have the same thinking and mentality about work that match their lifestyle. So, he started to talk to her and the rest is history.  

Jason Derulo Famous Work

In his singing career, Jason did several great works. If you take a look at his career, you will see his achievement and hard work. As a singer and dancer, he has been able to sell his singles above 30 million. 

Moreover, his debuted singles were achieved platinum. Everyone was shocked to see his achievement in his debut single. He used to write songs for famous singers from his childhood and from that he wanted to be a solo performer. 

Jason’s debut single “Whatcha Say” peaked number 54 on the Billboard hot 100 charts in August. After three months in November, it took position on number 1. Then he worked with his album from which he released his second single. 

However, his second single was ”In My Head” released in 2009 in December. At first, it peaked at number 63 and then reached number five. Jason getting his success from the starting of his career. 

Derulo released his third album ”Tattoos” in 2013. In this album, the second single called ”Talk Dirty” was released all over the world in July 2013. This song peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Then in 2016, Jason released his hit album called ”Platinum Hits”. This album was released with another new song ”Kiss the Sky”. This song was used as a soundtrack on a film named ”Storks”. Most surprisingly, This album got 11 platinum-certified. 

What Does Jena Frumes Do?

As an actor and fitness model, Jena is famous on social media. She has a Youtube channel where she posts about workout and fitness videos. Her followers are increasing day by day. Right now, she has above 4 million followers on Instagram and Tiktok account. 

On her youtube channel, she reached 100k subscribers and Youtube sent her a silver play button. When she got the award from youtube, she posted on Instagram about her achievement.

Jena wrote a caption ”So grateful for all 100k+ subscribers💛 Thanks to @youtube for recognizing this milestone. Thank you to every subscriber and person who contributed to the growth of my channel!”

Moreover, she makes her identity as a model and social media personality. She is successful in her position, grateful as a model and Youtuber at the same time.