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Is Jason Derulo Related to Chris Brown?

Jason Joel Desrouleaux is professionally known as his stage name Jason Derulo. He is got success through his first single. However, there are many questions regarding Jason’s relation with Chris Brown. Let’s find out, ”is Jason Derulo related to Chris Brown”?

Well, the answer is no. Jason is not related to Chris Brown. They shared the same profession that does not mean they are related. Jason fans have mixed reactions to his performance. However, Derulo is a dancer compared to the next Michael Jackson. 

Is Jason Derulo Related to Chris Brown
Jason Derulo / Image / Instagram: @jasonderulo

On social media, there is a rumor that Jason is related to Chris. But that is not true, and they don’t have any biological relation. This rumor spread through social media and went viral within a short time. 

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When the rumor spread, his fans-followers were surprised to hear. Then they find out they are not related biologically. 

If you take a look at Jason’s career, you will find out his talent. He is a good dancer besides a singer. Derulo is a singer who also dances well. Moreover, his dance moves are creative and funny. 

Image / Instagram: @jasonderulo

When you see his dance, you will find something new and enjoyable. On the other hand, Chris Brown is not a great dancer like Jason. Their fans are eagerly waiting for their collaboration. 

Who is Better Dancer?

According to their performance, Jason Derulo is better than Chris Brown. They juggle around their style in pop and RnB music. On the other hand, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown are dominant and shining figures in the dance in music.

Chris Brown is a dancer whose moves and dance style are natural. He has been focus more on his beat style. However, his body movement, sync style, energy are different from other dancers. 

On the other hand, Jason is the one who tried to do something new every time. In his career, he did many great works, and every time fans get something new. 

Jason broke his leg when practiced dance moves. At that time, he felt that his career was going to finish. But that has not happened. Because of his confidence and hard work, his leg fit after some weeks. 

Moreover, he broke his neck while practicing. As a dancer, no one will take this risk but he did. This is the best virtue of Jason. He can do anything for his fans. 

Derulo tried the wiggle dance for his songs. Wiggle is a unique style of dance. When his fans saw his dance style for the first time, they were surprised to see his dance skill.  

Jason Derulo’s Famous Work

Jason Derulo started his career in 2006. From that time, he did several great works. However, his most famous work is Talk Dirty and Jalebi Baby. Besides, the lyrics of his song are far better than others.

If you take a look at his carer, you will see his great works and hard work. In 2013, he released his other single, “The Other Side” which was peaked on the Billboard charts. 

After three months of release, the song peaked at number 18 on the billboard hot charts. Jason is active on Twitter. On Twitter, he announced his third album’s release date. 

In September 2013, his album ”Tattoo” was released. The second song of the album ”Tattoo” was got huge success. Talk Dirty song was released globally through digital media. After release, this song peaked at number 3 on the Billboard charts. 

Moreover, Jason’s most of the songs took place on the Billboard charts. It’s a big success as a singer and songwriter. 

Chris Brown’s Famous Work

Chris Brown is an American singer, dancer, actor, and songwriter. He is also known as an African-American most famous singer. Moreover, he shared the nickname King of R&B with R. Kelly.

If you talked about his lyrics, you would see the lyrics of his song based on Emotion, falling in love, s*x, regret, out of love, and so on. Chris’s debut single “Run It! was top on the Billboard chart. 

He is the only male singer whose song is top on the charts since 1995. Regarding his solo success, he is featured as a guest on several singles and duets. 

Moreover, his other single ”Kiss Kiss”, was a big hit and also peaked on the Billboard charts. The album ”F. A. M. E” was released in 2011, became top on the Billboard 200 charts. 

Who is More Popular on Social Media?

According to social media account, Chris Brown is more popular. On Instagram, he has above 90.8 million followers. His activity on social media is regular and informative also. 

On the other hand, Jason Derulo has above 7.8 million followers. Both are famous in their position. People used to follow them on social media to know more about them. 

Jason used to post about his personal life more than work update. He is happy with what he achieves in his career.