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Is Emma Chamberlain Irish?

Emma Chamberlain is a famous Youtuber and one of the biggest names in the social media industry. It’s natural to wonder about his upbringing and how she became such a good content creator. Is Emma Chamberlain Irish?

Emma Chamberlain is of half Irish descent. On her Instagram account, she narrated about her Irish descent. Usually, she is known as an American. But she defines herself as Irish-American now.  

Is Emma Chamberlain Irish
Emma Chamberlain (via Instagram @emmachamberlain)

Emma was born in  San Bruno, California, and grew up in San Mateo County. From her childhood, she wanted to do something different. 

Because of her passion for youtube, she quit her school to focus full-time on youtube. From her childhood, she used to watch youtube videos. 

From that time, she connected to youtube videos, and it helped her to connect with people. Emma made videos from an early age and used to edit during class time. 

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Chamberlain studied Central Middle School in California. Then attended a girl Catholic preparatory school named Notre Dame High School, Belmont. 

She was the cheerleader for five years and also a member of the California All-Stars Pink cheer team. In the first semester of her junior year, suddenly she left high school. 

At that time, she started creating content to post on Instagram. She used to edit her content during class time. Then Emma posted on her Instagram account. 

Chamberlain’s parents supported her to quit high school and focused on creating content. From that time, she posted her funny videos on her account, and it was also helped her to stay away from depression.  

Creating and Posting videos was the only thing that gave her an ounce of happiness. At a time, she started to hate her school because the school administration did not allow her to vlog in class.

So, she dropped out to relieve herself from depression and focused on her mental health. After leaving school, she lost her friends, and her mental health was broke than before. She wanted to come back and decided to become a Youtuber. 

emma chamberlain ethnicity
emma chamberlain irish
Emma Chamberlain / Image / Instagram: @emmachamberlain

Throughout these years, her journey to be a Youtuber was not easy for her. She has to struggle and face many bad situations. Because of her hard work, she got to succeed.

“I basically had no friends and was doing YouTube out of my bedroom at home. It was very dark, and dreary, and boring. I didn’t have anyone. That was why I wanted to be a part of the YouTube community so badly. Not because I was like, Oh, my God, I want to be famous and hang out with this famous YouTuber. I wanted a social structure.” said Emma.

Before Fame

Emma Chamberlain has a Youtube channel named Emma Chamberlain which has more than 10 million subscribers. She created all types of videos. 

At the starting of her youtube career, she used to DIY Projects. Even she did not have any idea about DIY but her dedication inspired her to be a content creator. 

Her first-ever viral video is ”We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology”. After this video, her channel grows faster. 

As a Youtuber, she focused on all the sectors even created videos about her daily exercise. She created videos like Cooking, Taste tests, Vlogs, Fashion, DIY, and so on. 

In 2017, she appeared for the first time in a ninety-minute interview with a well-established Youtuber Cody Ko. That was released in Cody’s podcast channel, Insanely Chill. 

After moving to Los Angeles, Chamberlain created ‘The sister squad’ with James Charles and the Dolan twins. The group consisted of famous teenage YouTubers. 

They used to hang out and experience adventures together. The sister squad also uploaded a few videos on their youtube channel. This group was nominated for Shorty Award in 2018.

The sister squad was not together anymore. In 2018, we saw them together to create a Christmas video for the last time. 

The sister squad suddenly disappears from youtube. Their fans thought that they could not get time to create videos together. Some of them guess, because of Emma and Ethan’s secret relationship and broke up, they stopped collaborating. 

However, Emma has to face many things as a social personality. She was left school to avoid bullies in school but could not escape from bullies.

Unfortunately, she realized the online community was harsher than school. That time, she decided to quit creating content on youtube. Being bully on social media was not easy to accept. 


The online personality Emma Chamberlain launched a coffee company named ‘Chamberlain Coffee’. She is a coffee-obsessed. 

Emma made her coffee brand from her love for coffee. Chamberlain coffee is available in steeping coffee bags. Because of her fame, her brand was known by people within a short time. 

However, she was coffee-obsessed from her school. She used to go to coffee shops with her mom and get a latte. 

From that thought, she decided to open a coffee brand. Her coffee brand is running well. In her company, there are many coffee products.