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Does Emma Chamberlain Model for Brandy Melville?

Emma Chamberlain is one of the funniest and most followed Youtuber and social media personalities around. She is also known for her modeling journey and worked with several famous brands. Does Emma Chamberlain model for Brandy Melville?

Emma Chamberlain does not work for Brandy Melville. In her modeling career, she worked with some popular brands like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein. She also got the chance to walk for Paris Fashion Week twice a year. Recently, she starts working with Pacsun.

Does Emma Chamberlain Model for Brandy Melville
Emma Chamberlain (via Instagram @emmachamberlain)

Chamberlain is the new face for the Pacsun campaign. This brand is specially designed for teenagers and young adults. 

Emma is excited and happy to work with this brand. She told in her statement that this brand gives her a nostalgic feeling. 

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However, she grew up wearing this brand and now she becomes the ambassador of Pacsun. It’s a great achievement for her. 

Chamberlain gave an exclusive statement about Pacsun…“I grew up wearing Pacsun. I would go in there to find what was cool at the time, and that is such a fond memory for me.”

Emma worked with supermodel Karlie Kloss including a video partnership. Her modeling career was started when she made a haul video in which she showed vloggers’ shopping sprees. 

As a Model

When her popularity rising, she created a haul video that went viral within a short time. After the video, she got offers for modeling.

Since her rise to fame, she has had several brand partnerships. She continued a good relationship with Louis Vuitton and appeared in the front row in the last fashion show. 

However, she did great in modeling that’s why she got several offers. Now, she is a new face in the modeling industry. 

Because of her humble, relatable personality on social media, she gained popularity in a short time. Fame can not change her attitude towards the people, she is still the same girl who loved her iced coffee. 

In her opinion, she is successful in her modeling career. Cause she is already worked with famous brands except for Brandy Melville. 

People know her for her youtube videos and brand ambassador of famous brands. The Paris fashion week invites her to be a part of their fashion weeks. 

Her youtube video about fashion was the turning point of her career growth. After the video, Emma was famous and known all over the world. 

As a brand ambassador, she presents her brand with respect. Emma also continued a good relationship with Louis Vuitton. 

After being a brand ambassador, she was more conscious about her fashion sense. In her youtube videos, she also worked for teenagers.

However, she started her career as a Youtuber but her fame gave her a chance to be a model. As a rising star on social media, she used the offer and made another identity. 

In her career, modeling played a great role. Working with famous brands also increased her popularity more than before. Above all, she was eligible for modeling that’s why she got the chance. 

Fashion Industry

Emma Chamberlain started working with the shopping app Dote in 2018. The shopping app Dote sent her to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with several famous Youtuber. 

Emma Chamberlain began to design clothes by herself and Dote released her design line in July 2018. She has to cut ties with Dote because of some controversies. 

In a co-sponsorship with youtube and Louis Vuitton, she attended Paris Fashion Week in the middle of 2019. There was another Youtuber, Karlie Kloss with Emma. 

As a fan of the Jonas Brothers, she got the chance to meet them at Paris Fashion Week. Emma said, “I’ve been obsessed with them” 

Moreover, she appeared in the cover photo of a famous magazine like American Magazine. She used to post her photoshoot video on her channel. 

A few months later, we saw her again on the cover of the Italian edition of Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Girl, and the Dutch version. When her success grows rapidly, she decided to move from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 

As a teenage social media star, she is the role model for every teenager all over the world. Even they dressed like Chamberlain. 

Moreover, she used to post their clothes to her Instagram account. She earned massive success in a short period.  

Several famous magazines like Vogue Australia publish feature articles about her modeling and fashion senses. Another lifestyle magazine named Nylon also published a feature. 

In 2019, Emma worked on a podcast named Stupid Genius, which was a weekly series. For this podcast, she won the best podcaster from Shorty Awards. 

She is known worldwide for her funny videos. As a teenage rising star, her teenage fans will be easily influenced by her. But she does not want to influence anyone. Her purpose is to entertain everyone.