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How Did the Island Boys Get Rich?

Island boys became celebrated through TikTok and raised as an internet apprehension in the American hip hop world. The boys got viral afterward with their song named “I’m An Island Boys.” They are twin brothers, Franky Venegas while the other is Alex Venegas grew up together in America.

People are astonished when they can know island boys are rich enough. Naturally, fans would like knowing, how did the island boys get rich?

How did the Island Boys get rich:

Their song “Island Boys” got viral over the internet on TikTok. Overnight, the number of fans and followers increased tremendously. Island boys had become TikTok superstars and generated substantial revenues.

How Did the Island Boys Get Rich
Island boy/Image/Instagram: @kodiyakredd

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How Was the Island Boys’ Early Life?

It assumed that island boys belonged to wealthy families. Unluckily, the brothers lost their father at the premature age of only six.

They used to attend school but did not attentive to their studies. Soon they were derived as troublemakers.

At the age of thirteen, island boys were arrested because of burglaries. Afterward, they took aside a bracelet from a house and recorded a video of it.

The relationship state between them is unknown. One day, Franky narrated his lady love by posting a photo with @toxiicfaiiry in October.

In the same way, Alex recorded a video on Instagram dancing with a girl and captioned it “Get To Know Me.”

How Did the Island Boys’ Career Outset?

Franky set out on his journey through music in 2020. Formerly, he was familiar with redd_4x and published songs like “How You Know”, “Ptsd,” and “Wicked Way”.

Then in October 2021, the duo published “I’m An Island Boy” on Tiktok and got viral.

After releasing the video, island boys had become Tiktok superstars. Tremendously, their fans and followers were increasing.

Franky gains 1.5 million followers on his official Tiktok account. On the other hand, Alex has 715k followers accordance to 2021.

The island boys equally build up a YouTube channel. The name of their channel is Big Bag Ent.

They uploaded videos, vlogs, and musical clips, regularly. Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja are the rap name of Franky and Alex, respectively. 

Island Boys/Instagram: @kodiyakredd

What is the Net Worth of Island Boys?

Around $7,000 thousand is the estimated net worth of island boys. The primary income source is TikTok.

Over there, they have 1.3 million fans and 714.2k followers. The annual earnings of island boys’ is $50,000.

Through YouTube Channels, they also earn. The boys have 209k subscribers and 13.75 million views.

Franky reposted the “I’m An Island Boys” video on YouTube, which hit 1.3 million views and generated $100,000.

Island Boys’ net worth growth over the years:

YearsNet Worth Amount

How Did Island Boys Get Famous?

Island boys who were rappers previously emigrated from Cuba. At an early age, they committed many crimes like vehicle thefts and break-ins.

While incarcerated, they conveyed the decision to become rappers.

The year 2021 changed their luck. The so-called video “I’m An Island Boy” got viral. Notably, the hashtag “island guy” is used on various platforms.

On top of that, fans remade the video and uploaded it to social media. Assiduously, they were famous.

Island Boys, the Controversial TikTokers:

21 years old Franky and Alex with numerous tattoos, diamond teeth, and wicks hairstyle quickly went viral after publishing a video on TikTok. But their life becomes controversial for various reasons.

Jake and Logan Paul, TikTok star Bryce Hall, and Cavin Hart laughed at the two brothers on their comedy special “2021 and Done.”

They also came to the headlines through their childhood friend Andrew Thomas, who murdered an 8 years old girl with a short gun.

The island boys also kissed two girls circulated online. Fans are responding badly watching the clips.

Dovi Bezner, a representative said in an episode that the two duos owe him $150,000. Bezner wanted to claim profit from them but denied to pay.

Why Was the Island Boys’ Career Fall Down?

Island boys’ TikTok likes rate decreased randomly. People lost interest in these two rappers. Their career is threatened because;

  • They don’t have the moderate skills to develop a show.
  •  People followed them because of their stupidity tattoos.
  • They were mocked by other stars.