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Can Dax Shepard Play Piano?

Dax Shepard is an American actor, director, executive director, comedian, and podcast host. Many of his fans don’t know Dax Shepard began his acting job performing on a celebrity entertainment show on MTV entitled Punk’d.

That celebrity show offered Shepard an opportunity to set out on a journey in the Hollywood industry.

Celebrities are often multi-talented. As a result, people are wondering if Dax Shapard can play the piano.

Can Dax Shapard Play The Piano?

Dax Shepard is on top a multitalented guy. Shepard acquires many qualities but unfortunately, he can’t play the piano. Rather, Shepard is interested in racing motorbikes and driving cars.

Can Dax Shepard Play Piano
Dax Shepard/Image/Instagram: @daxshepard

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On the 60th birthday of Ellen DeGeneres, Dax Shepard gifted a video to her where Dax was crooning with the piano while putting on a bright tuxedo.

Early Life and Educational Background of Dax Shepard:

Dax Shepard spent his early life in Highland Township, Michigan. His mother worked at General Motors and his father was a salesman.

Dax worked for his mother’s shop and traveled from track to track. Funnily, Shepard kept saying he had three stepfathers cause his mother married extra three times. 

Dax Shepard passed his school life from The Groundlings School. Subsequently, he completed his graduation from Walled Lake Central High School in 1993.

Later on, Dax attended Santa Monica College and West Los Angles College respectively. At the last moment, he completed a B.A. in Anthropology from UCLA.

Dax Shepard Crooning With a Piano:

Dax Shepard is a familiar celebrity in the present phenomenon. During TheEllenShow, Dax delivered a video for Ellen DeGeneres on her 60th birthday.

A musical video where Dax was crooning in front of a piano and sang a song that “60 has never looked so s**y”.

Dax Shepard/Image Source: @daxshepard

Shepard produced the video with a bunch of funny words regarding Ellen’s dance movement, her tendency to scare people, and her behavior. That video made the audience laugh.

Does Dax Shepard Play an Instrument?

Dax Shepard doesn’t play any instruments. But on Ellen’s 60th birthday he sat in front of a piano and pretended that he could play the piano.

However, he couldn’t execute that and never tried to play any instruments. Consistently, Dax can’t sing.

What is Dax Shepard Interested in?

When Dax was 14, he used to campaign for his mother’s publicity events from track to track. From then, Dax was more interested in racing. He likes things related to horsepower.

Unbelievably, Dax races motorbikes at Buttonwillow Raceway. He owns a Ducati Hypermotard 1100S and a Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Dax is also a car enthusiast. He can revamp a car’s engine. Before marriage, he bought a 1994 Buick Roadmaster.

Dax Shepard will host a show called Top Gear America under Motor Trend for his love of cars. He has loved cars since his childhood because his father was a car salesman. Many thought that racing is in his blood.

Dax Shepard’s Wife Kristen Bell Played Piano in a Video:

Kristen Bell is the wife of Dax Shepard, married in 2013. Bell is also an actress and was selected “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” by PETA. She portrayed the leading figure for Eleanor Shellstrop in “The Good Place”.

Kristen Bell shared a video (singing and playing the piano) on Instagram and by that she announced her next podcast. In that video, Bell was playing piano and singing.

After uploading that video fans and friends reacted positively and equally praised her voice and playing talent.

Fan’s comments are like; “This is the face of talent!”, “My goodness your voice and playing gesture”, and so on.

Facts About Dax Shepard:

  • Started his journey as a comedian.
  • Acted in a music video “Shut Up” by Nick Lachey.
  • He is a die heart fan of racing in tracks.
  • Dax and his wife Bell donate to the Hollenbeck Youth Center.
  • This guy is a car lover.

Awards and Achievements:

No doubt, Dax Shepard is an excellent actor, and filmmaker. He acquired several awards. He acted in more than 10 films, worked on television programs, and also directed many films.

Sad to relate, Dax Shepard doesn’t achieve big any awards, but he was nominated for few times. Those works are; Punk’d, Parenthood, and Armchair Expert. He was selected as a nominee for those works.