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Does Emma Chamberlain Have a Twin Sister?

Emma Chamberlain is a Youtuber who is perhaps best known for quirky videos. She is also a social media star. Does Emma Chamberlain have a twin sister?

Emma Chamberlain does not have a twin sister. Even she does not have any siblings. When she was five years old, her parents divorced. She was brought up in San Mateo County. By born, she belongs to white ethnicity. 

Does Emma Chamberlain Have a Twin Sister
Emma Chamberlain (via Instagram @emmachamberlain)

Over the years, it has surfaced that Emma Chamberlain has a twin sister. This should come as no surprise because rumor has it that even you have a doppelganger as does everyone.

However, Chamberlain does not have any siblings, and we could not find anyone who looks like Emma. 

Before now, people could able to achieve their success after many years of hard work and dedication. But now anyone can get popular overnight. Social media can make this possible to become famous overnight. 

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Emma is best known for her social media appearance. She used to post all kinds of videos on her channel. Her video is included with hauls, DIYs, viral challenge videos, lifestyle, and so on. 

Usually, Emma’s DIY videos are longer than normal ones. In these videos, she used to show everything steps by step. 

However, she did vlogging and used to post on her channel. We can consider her as a new rising social media star. Moreover, Emma spent her childhood without siblings. Though without a sibling, she enjoyed her childhood a lot. 

Emma is also known as an influencer. But she did not like anyone who called her an influencer. Because she wants to entertain people not to influence. There was a time when she went through a miserable condition, now she can do what she wants.

Early Life

Emma Francis Chamberlain is known as Emma Chamberlain. She was born on May 22, 2001, in California. 

Because 0of her parent’s divorce, her childhood was not normal like other children’s. She was raised by her single mother. 

Though her father was an artist, they had to face some hard financial times. When her parents got separated, she had to go through a mental and financial struggle.

emma chamberlain siblings
does emma chamberlain have siblings
emma chamberlain twin sister
Emma Chamberlain / Image/ Instagram: @emmachamberlain

After the divorce, their financial condition was not good enough to maintain every expense. She was grown up watching her mother’s struggle for living. 

Emma gave an example of how they spent their life before being a Youtuber. In 2018, she told Forbes “There were times when we couldn’t even go to the movies when I was a kid because there wasn’t enough money,”

The financial condition also affects her education. That time, she completed her education at a local school. Chamberlain used to watch youtube videos at the age of six. From that time, she was interested in youtube. 

However, she started her youtube journey in 2017. Her first video was upload in June 2017. She was started her career with DIY videos.

So, she is known as a DIY girl also. She told in an interview that she did not know how to do crafts but tried her best to imitate what she watched. Emma was doing all the things to get free from a miserable life. 

As a Youtuber and entertainer, she achieves a lot at an early age. 


Emma’s father, Michael Chamberlain who is an artist. Her father is a professional oil painter. Sophia is her mother’s name, who is a homemaker. 

Emma was born in an American family. Her father helped her most to create vlogs and DIY content. 

Chamberlain does not reveal her love life on social media yet. For privacy issues, she kept it secret. Emma is also

How did Emma Chamberlain start?

In the last of 2016, Emma opened her youtube channel named Emma Chamberlain. She took almost a year to upload her first video. 

Then she uploaded it almost daily during the summer of 2017. She filled her channel with DIY content and vlogs. 

When she posted the ”We All Owe the Dollar Store an Apology” video in July 2017, it went viral. That was her first video which got popular on social media. That video crossed 4 million views. It was a turning point in her career. 

Then she was known by people, and her channel gained a lot of subscribers. Through this video, she earned fame. 

From this video’s success, she was inspired to make various kinds of videos like storytimes, lookbooks, DIY projects, travel diaries, shopping hauls, recipes, and so on. 

However, Chamberlain started a healthy lifestyle and exercised daily. Then, she began uploading videos on a healthy lifestyle. Emma reached above 10 million subscribers with her fame. She focused on all types of her videos. 

Moreover, she is also active on her social media like Instagram and twitters. She has a verified Instagram account that crossed 12 million followers. 

In her account, she used to share her updates and life moments. She started as a DIY girl, but now she is the funniest girl on youtube. Her work led her to collaborate with several brands like Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton.