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Does Chief Keef Have a Kid?

Keith Farrelle Cozart is well known for his stage name Chief Keef. He is famous for his several songs, which gets him fame. Let’s find deep about his personal life. Does Chief Keef have a kid?

Well, the answer is yes. Chief Keef has nine kids. These children did not share the same mother. They are from different women. However, he became a father for the first at the age of 16. Keef is happy to stay and spend time with his children. 

Does Chief Keef Have Kid
Chief Keef / Image / Flickr

Keef had his first child at the age of 16, a daughter named Kayden Kash Cozart. Her nickname is Kay Kay. His first child’s mother requested him for child support. 

Then in 2013, his DNA test exposed that he had another daughter probably ten months older. One of his child mothers wanted that the rapper Chief threw in jail for failing to give child support requirements. 

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However, next year Keef announced his third child’s birth, and it’s a baby boy. Chief named his son Krüe Karter Cozart. In 2015, a woman claimed that he is the father of her child. At that time, Keef was failed to present legal documents about this issue. 

Then court ordered him to appear in court, and he could not do that. So, an arrest warrant was issued for his name. LA WEEKLY reported about this issue that at least on Instagram Chief, ”appears to take fatherhood seriously.”

In 2015, Chief created a controversy naming his son as FilmOn Dot Com. He kept this name from being inspired by his record label FilmOn Music. There is another intention to keep this name to promote his album Bang 3.

How is Chief Keef’s Relation with his Kids?

As a father, Chief Keef is a nice and caring person. He used to spend his leisure time with his children. However, his first daughter spends a luxurious life with his father. 

Recently, Keef gifts his younger daughter a full garage of miniature cars, including Ferrari and Mercedes vehicles. Chief posted on Instagram and wrote a caption like, 

”Filled my Garage with some Cars for my baby that she ain’t seen yet. I got her all them Cuz when I was young I wanted it just like that!”

Moreover, Keef’s five out of nine children are under five years old. Some of his children did not get their identity at first. Because of official notices, Chief Keef has to accept the children. 

Chief Keef told the court, he has five children, and they all are from different mothers. But later, it was revealed that he had four additional children whose mother asked him for child support. 

Then, Keef took the responsibility for his four children and started to give monthly expenses. That’s how he supported his children. People were curious about his children, and they wanted to know his personal life more.

Who is Chief Keef Dating Now?

According to social media and Wikipedia, Chief Keef is single now. He is not dating anyone. However, he has many affairs and physical relations with others women. 

But Chief is not committed to anyone. The rapper Chief Keef was born in Chicago and brought up in the same city which has a unique drill sound. As a result, he has worked on the drill sound. 

There was a rumor about his relationship with Silm Danger. She is an actress and model, Keef first met with her at his concert. Then they started messaging, and people saw them together. But that does not prove, they are in a relationship. 

Later, Silm Danger revealed that she was going to be the mother of Chief’s child. We have no idea whether or not the news truth. Silm told an interview about pregnancy, “I told him. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m pregnant and he said, ‘Join the crew.’”

How Did Chief Keef Rise to Popularity?

Chief Keef started his career professionally in 2008. From that time, he has been top on the Billboard charts several times. In 2011, Keef has been drowned attention to his community through his mixtape. 

The same year, he was arrested for gunfire from his car in Chicago city. His career was not smooth and favorable for him. He has to struggle and going through ups and downs. 

However, his song ”I Don’t Like” was a hit in Chicago city. For the first time, he achieved success and got fame through this song. Then he released several songs, and most of the songs got him success.