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Is Chief Keef Related to Polo G?

Chief Keef is a famous American rapper and record producer in the 20s century. He started rapping when he was in his teenage. Let’s find out about Chief Keef’s relationship with Polo G. Is Chief Keef related to Polo G?

Well, the answer is no. Chief Keef is not related to Polo G. There is a rumor that they are twins. But that’s not true they don’t have any biological relation. They worked together on several songs.

Is Chief Keef Related to Polo G
Chief Keef / Image / Instagram: @chieffkeeffsossa

Though Chief looks similar to Polo G, that’s does not mean they are related or so on. Even Polo G tweeted in 2020 about his looks similar to Chief Keef. He wrote that ”Y do people say I look like Chief Keef?”

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If you saw Polo G’s interview, you will see that Polo G used to grown-up listening to Chief Keef, Gucci Mane’s songs. That is proof that Polo G was Chief’s fan in his childhood.

How Did Chief Keef and Polo G Meet Together?

In October 2020, Chief Keef and Polo G met for the first time. Because of the same hometown, they represent Chicago as co-headliners of the Dream stage virtual concert.

That night, Chief Keef performed his several hits song. Some of the songs were the fan’s favorite songs like 2nd Day Out, Kills, Hood, and Valentines. That was an amazing night for Chief. Cause he was able to perform for his hometown.

Because of this concert, they met backstage on the stage. Fans wanted them to collaborate, and at a time, they were begging for collaboration together. Polo G met his childhood idol for the first time at the concert and also collaborated.

Meeting Chief Keef is like a dream comes true for Polo G. However, Polo G also performed at that stage and entertained people. That night was memorable for them.

Chief Keef’s Famous Work?

In 2011, Chief first attracted people through his mixtape The Glory Road and Bang. Through this mixtape, he was able to get appreciation and fame.

His other song ”I Don’t Like” was hit in Chicago city. In Chicago, a promoter party called this song a perfect Chicago one. The reason was, ”niggas just hate everything out here.”

Moreover, Chief Keef released his second studio album in 2015. The album name is Bang 3 and it earned much. Because of this album, he got appreciation from his fans and critics.

The most famous album of Keef’s career is ”Finally Rich”. This album earned much popularity from all over the world. It was his debut album, and from this album, he started to recognize by people.

Anyway, Keef is not only a rapper but also known as a record producer. In 2014, he started to produce music. As a rapper, he has enough knowledge about creating new sounds.

In his short career, he was worked with several famous rappers like Pusha T, Big Sean, and Jadakiss. Several famous rappers feature in his song as a guest. They did collaborations for each other and tried to produce new sounds.

Polo G Famous Work

Polo G is an American rapper who belongs to Chicago. He rose to fame for his two singles Finer Things and Pop Out. These two singles got him fame and appreciation from all over the world.

However, he did several famous works in his short career. Most of his songs took position on the Billboard hot 100 charts. Even one of his albums peaked at the number one position.

Moreover, his debuted studio album ”Die a Legend” peaked at number 6 on the Billboard charts 200. It’s a big achievement for any rapper. Because of his talent and realistic lyrics, his songs achieve much.

Polo G’s most recent album was The Goat which was released in 2020. This album consists of ten songs, most of the songs peaked on the Billboard charts. The Goat album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 charts.

Besides, he is known as a drill sound producer rapper in Chicago. He introduced us to Chicago’s city’s realistic sound. For his unique sound and realistic lyrics, he got famous within a short time.

Who is More Popular on Social Media?

Chief Keef and Polo G are popular on social media. According to their social media, Polo G is more popular than Chief Keef. Both have a verified Instagram account.

On Instagram Chief Keef has above 6.8 million followers. He used to post his special moments on Instagram but not regularly. If you want to know about his work, you will not get enough updated.

Chief is not active on social media. He used to post less. On the other hand, Polo G has above 9 million followers on Instagram. He used to post everything about his personal life and professional life.

Both are popular and successful in their position. People used to follow them to know their work update and special moment of their life.