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Can Shaquille O’Neal Rap?

When people hear about Shaquille O’Neal, they might think he was a great basketball player. Shaquille was an NBA Rookie winner. Beyond that, O’Neal remains an immense talent for music.

This rising star won people’s hearts all time with his musical talent. Nowadays, fans are fascinated can Shaquille O’Neal’s rap.

Can Shaquille O’Neal Rap?

In the 1990s, while Shaquille O’Neal became an international blooming NBA star, Shaquille also expressed himself as an established rapper. Unbelievably, Shaq was a platinum seller. He worked with many featured rappers like Michael Jackson, Jay- Z, and The Notorious B.I.G.

Can Shaquille O'Neal Rap
Shaquille O’Neal/Image/Instagram: @shaq

When Did Shaquille O’Neal Start Rap?

During Shaquille O’Neal’s basketball career, he started rapping in 1993. This 7 feet guy dominated the basketball ground and it is impossible to think O’Neal also conquered the music industry.

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When Shaquille earned The Player of The week in the NBA for the first time from then, he developed a thirst for music, especially rapping.

O’Neal’s first album was “Shaq Diesel” published in 1993. Unbelievably, his first album approached its peak and was selected as a platinum album.

After being selected as a platinum seller, Shaquille prolonged his musical career over the next decades. O’Neal had managed both rapping and basketball. He also debuted himself as a movie star.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Rap Career Becomes Successful:

Being successful with the first album, Shaquille O’Neal released the second album, “Shaq Fu-Da Return”. In the second one, O’Neal used a basketball entitlement and mixed it up with a voice rapping of his own. The album was praised by a renowned guest star, Wu-Tang Clan.

Instagram: @shaq

Consequently, Shaquille published “You Can’t Stop The Reign” with the Notorious B.I.G. Finally, O’Neal released his last album in 1998 called “Respect”.

Shaquille tried to release another one but did not make it. Shaq might have stopped rapping but constantly listen to his recent creations.

Why and When Did Shaquille O’Neal Stop Rapping?

It is Shaquille O’Neal, who might have the power to establish himself in any situation. When Shaquille was in NBA then he tried to make a diversity lifeline.

As a result, O’Neal entered the rap industry. Although Shaq made a success there but lost the continuity after 1998. And the reasons are;

For Being Movie Star: Shaquille O’Neal performed in movies like The English Patient, Fargo, and Jerry Maguire. In the movie Kazaam, where Shaquille O’Neal acted as a genie rapper.

That was a bad kid cinema obtaining a 5% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and also having only 20% audience’s reviews.

Officer Shaquille O’Neal: During Shaquille O’Neal’s peak time of his rap career he undertook training as a reserve officer. He also acquired the U.S. Deputy Marshall title in 2005. Shaq was always thinking outside of his rap career.

Worked As a Spokesman: When Shaquille achieved his fame then many advertising industries offered O’Neal to work with them as a spokesman.

Shaquille did works like Nas pushed Sprite in 1997, and Ludacris repped Pepsi in 2002.

Receiving Shaquille’s Ph.D.: To be a doctorate remained a reason behind his rap career stopping. He delivered a vast time to complete an MBA in 2005 and Ed.D in2012 from Barry University.

Image Source: @shaq

Come Back to Root: Shaquille O’Neal established himself as a basketball player, not as a rapper. And for human beings, it is impossible to accomplish a revolution in many fields simultaneously. Shaquille equally couldn’t make it possible.

What was Shaquille O’Neal Doing after leaving Rapping:

Shaquille O’Neal was an exceptional NBA player who released multiple rap albums during the 90s. But did not maintain his rapping career anymore.

Subsequently, Shaquille O’Neal joined DJing after 9os. Not Long Ago, O’neal closed a live set at “Shaq’s Fun House” in 2012.

To be a DJ was a passion for Shaquille. For every performance, O’Neal cost a substantial amount.

How Did Shaquille O’Neal Become DJ Diesel?

Shaquille O’Neal started his DJ Diesel career after retiring from rap. He played DJ sets alone or with his friend circle. Later on, he set out for nightclubs.

Shaquille O’Neal performed his first feast at TomorrowWorld in 2015. Shaquille O’Neal exclaimed to Forbes, “Being at TomorrowWorld brought me back to Game 7 energy”.

NBA Player Who Can Rap?

Alike, Shaquille O’Neal, there are a few NBA players who can rap. Some of them are excellent and some of them are most unpleasant. Regardless, those players are;