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What is 21 Savage Religion?

21 Savage is undoubtedly one of the most controversial rappers in the game right now. What is 21 Savage Religion? We’re here to find out!

Mostly because he does not identify with a specific religion and has called himself “not religious.” However, his music contains many references to Christianity that people are interpreting as him being Christian or at least talking about Christianity.

What is 21 Savage Religion

He has also been pictured wearing a cross necklace. To further complicate the matter, on his album “i am > i was” he even says that “ain’t no god in my day today.” It’s hard to say about his religion!

Since he does not identify with any one religion, it seems that he might be an atheist, but it’s hard to say.

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Regardless of his religion, he is one of the most controversial rappers out there right now.

That colorfully discussed subject has been stirring up a lot in recent months when 21 Savage was arrested by ICE on February 12 for overstaying his visa and then deported back to London.

Practices an African Traditional Religion

This African Traditional Religion called Obeah is rooted deeply in the belief that all matter and spirit are intertwined.

He also practices the Yoruba religion, specifically Ifa which has a heavy focus on luck, justice, and spirituality. The primary goal of this religion is for people to be able to coexist with each other without conflict.

This should seem obvious but he doesn’t associate himself with any one specific religion. Because he believes there’s power in being spiritual rather than religious.

Therefore his faith can fit into many different traditions or non-tradition from Christianity to Islam to Paganism and so forth.

His mother was Christian while 21 Savage was born an atheist. It remains unclear if her influence helped him find God later in life through some sources.

##This news was exposed through social media and it was true that 21 savage practice the Yoruba religion.

Through his belief system, a person can talk about their spirituality instead of their religious affiliation because there’s power in being spiritual rather than religious.

So, all religions are “valid” as they say or at least have valid aspects within them like Christianity has Jesus Christ who loves everyone.

21 Savage Career

In his career, he has collaborated with Future, Drake, and Quavo; his debut album was released on September 23.

After his fame, he has become a prominent figure within the hip-hop culture. Nowadays, presenting himself as an example for people who are different.

And even though he is not from Atlanta or New York where much of the genre’s mainstays were born and raised. He has still made his mark in it with his lyrics about violence, drug addiction, and personal demons.

However, there have been some attempts on social media to attack him by calling him “fake”. Because 21 Savage was never baptized nor do they know what religion he follows which means that he can’t be considered one of them anymore.

He doesn’t necessarily lead these attacks. But it becomes complicit when others try to call out misguided comments directed at him on social media.