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Is Kodak a Clone?

Bill Kahan Kapri is extensively known as Kodak Black. Only 12 years old, Kodak joined a rap community named Brutal Youngnz, bearing the stage title J-Black. After releasing “No Flockin” Kodak Black achieved fame worldwide in 2014.

Kodak was arrested for drugs and weapon possession in 2018. As a result, he was sent to prison for four years. Literally, he has a lengthy chart of arrests.

After coming out of prison, Kodak’s physical structure drastically changed. Observing the change, people doubted and started spreading rumors that is Kodak a clone.

Is Kodak a Clone
Kodak/Image/Instagram: @kodak

Is Kodak a Clone:

To be honest, Kodak is not a clone. Kodak cleared the fact on Instagram because he was exhausted by the rumors.

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Kodak was prisoned for four years after getting caught with drugs and illegal weapons in 2018. But that’s not the fact, the elemental fact is Kodak has a massive change in his body, hair, and voice.

When Kodak was in the prison and came live on Instagram he was detected with a skinner form, a newborn sound, and with long hair. Watching that lives, everyone thought he was a clone or he was changed.

Why do People Think Kodak is a clone?

Kodak Black is one of the youngest rappers in the rapping world. Unfortunately, this talented rapper put on a lot of exaggerated credits besides his name.

Kodak bears a big timeline history to get arrested for various purposes.

However, Kodak posted jail photos on Instagram in 2019. In the post, he looked unusual because of his physical formation. Besides, copying others is a widespread trend in this era.

Before that, rappers like Avril Lavigne and Gucci Mane were replaced completely. People would not quite understand why they did something like a frenzy. That’s exactly what happened with Kodak Black.

People found something fishy in his posted photos. Kodak was looking so cheerful with his gold teeth. When people really observe his photo closely, they thought that it is not Kodak Black.

Image Source: @kodak

Response of Kodak Against The Rumors

The hip-hop industry is a fascinating room because of when rappers establish notable alternations in their routine lives. Be it physical, mental, or musical changes. In the present climate, Kodak Black imposed such type of allegation.

Kodak has both physical and musical changes. He bearly doesn’t tolerate people’s mocking. Therefore, Kodak decided to clear the concept, and he responded against the rumor.

Kodak chose social media and exposed that there was no change in him and that he was constant. There were a few questions regarding Kodak’s change. Kodak Black explained all of the questions to the fans and followers.

People were inquiring why Kodak’s voice changed, it was not Kodak anymore. Kodak was angry with the people and answered that this little rumor shit started to make him mad and he wanted to get out of this bad discussion.

Actually, Kodak was not tripping, and yet he is strong. Kodak used slang and said that no one could copy him and those who tried to copy him couldn’t do it anymore. So, they had gone foolish.

Surprisingly, he released his two fresh singles, “Last Day In” and “Every Balmain”. Kodak equally got the chance to pay tuition fees for the innocent children, who were murdered in Florida. He achieved the chance from FBI agents.

What Happened With Kodak?

This hip-hop rapper consistently stays with the crime. Precisely, he is a frequent offender. Sad to relate, his allegations are hanging year after year. It is challenging to say how much it influenced Kodak’s career life.

Kodak has a long list while running with the law. Some of them are mentioned under.

Arrested For Kidnapping: Kodak Black was arrested on October 2015 for kidnapping,  battery charges, driving the vehicle without a license, and robbery. At that time, he was just 18 years old and tried to spread his waves in the hip-hop industry. Afterward, he was discharged on bond.

Arrested For Marijuana: Kodak was again arrested just after two months because of drug possession. He was then in St. Lucie. Kodak bears more than one pound of marijuana with him.

Arrested For Sexual Battery: Kodak assaulted a woman in Florence in the next year’s February month. Kodak despoiled her, bit her, and put off her clothes. As a result, Kodak was accused of sexual misconduct.

Kodak was arrested eight times in the year 2016. Repeatedly, in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021 he was arrested several times. But in 2021, American ex-president Donald Trump freed Kodak Black for his donation to various charitable foundations.