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Is John Cena Still Alive in 2023?

John Cena is a professional wrestler, actor, and television host. He is signed to WWE, where he is a free agent. Cena has won 25 championships, including 16 world titles.

Recently, the champion has been a hot search on social media. People are searching for his belonging. 

The question is rose in people’s minds for his recent accident. Let’s find out the question answer ”Is John Cena still Alive?”

Well, the answer to the question is yes. John Cena is still alive and currently enjoying a successful career in the entertainment industry. If you notice his social media account, you will see his recent activities. This is the evidence of his belonging.

Is John Cena Still Alive
John Cena/Instagram: @johncenaoffiicial

In addition to his wrestling career, Cena has also appeared in a number of films and television shows. 

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How was John Cena’s death rumor spread?

The internet is a vast and ever-changing landscape and one that is often the source of rumors and misinformation. 

So when a rumor began circulating that popular professional wrestler John Cena had died, it’s no surprise that it quickly spread like wildfire.

The rumor appeared to originate from a fake news website that claimed Cena had died in a car accident. The website featured a fake news story with a fabricated quote from Cena’s father, who was supposedly grieving his son’s untimely death.

John Cena/Instagram: @johncenaoffiicial

The story quickly went viral, with many people believing it to be true. However, Cena quickly took to social media to dispel the rumors, letting his fans know that he was very much alive and well.

It’s unclear how or why the rumor started, but it’s clear that it had nothing to do with the truth. 

In a world where fake news stories are all too common, it’s important to be skeptical of everything you read on the internet.

Does John Cena have any Diseases?

No, John Cena does not have any diseases. Cena has had various health issues throughout his career. 

In 2007, he underwent surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle. In 2008, he had surgery to repair a herniated disc in his neck. 

Then in 2009, Cena had surgery to repair a torn tendon in his shoulder. Despite these health issues, John Cena does not have any diseases.

John Cena/Instagram: @johncenaoffiicial

Does John Cena Face any accidents?

The answer is yes, but he always manages to come back stronger than ever. 

Thankfully, Cena has been able to return to the ring every time and has continued to entertain fans all over the world. 

While he has certainly faced some tough injuries, they have not been enough to keep him down for good.

Cena has been involved in two car accidents in the past few months, but luckily no one has been hurt. In October, a deer ran in front of his car and he was not injured. 

Recently, his car was badly damaged in an accident, but again, he was not hurt. Cena is lucky that he has not been seriously injured in these accidents.

John Cena/Instagram: @johncenaoffiicial

What Happens to John Cena?

However, Cena is now 41 years old and his in-ring career is winding down. So, what happens to John Cena when he can no longer wrestle?

Cena has already started to transition into a new phase of his career. He has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including the hit movie Trainwreck.

John has also done voice work for animated movies. It is clear that Cena has the acting chops to make it in Hollywood.

John Cena/Instagram: @johncenaoffiicial

He has also been dabbling in music. He released his first rap album in 2005 and has since released a few more albums. 

Moreover, Cena is a talented rapper and it seems like music could be a viable career option for him once he hangs up his wrestling boots.

It seems like he has a bright future ahead of him, even though he will no longer be wrestling. Cena has the talent and the drive to succeed in whatever he puts his mind to.