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Is Joe Biden a Clone?

Joe Biden is one of the mightiest presidents in the world. Joe takes possession of the 46th position among American presidents. He is fighting to be a member of a leading party named the Democratic Party.

No doubt, Joe Biden’s news is trending not for Americans but also for the entire world. A video clip was spread over social media in mid-July 2022.

As a result, people are claiming is Joe Biden a clone.

Is Joe Biden a Clone:

In fact, Joe Biden is not a clone. A video clip was shared on Joe’s Twitter page and people are making conspiracy theories around the clip. Before sharing the clip, Joe Biden was attracted to Covid-19.

Is Joe Biden a Clone
Joe Biden/Source/Depositphotos

For that reason, people guessed that Joe is dead and he will no longer be fit to rule America. But that video has been able to create awareness among people. Therefore, the video reveals something suspicious.

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What Are People Demanding About Joe Biden a Clone?

In the video, critics are finding out two exceptional people. They demand that this person is not Joe Biden himself. Correctly speaking, Joe was substituted by someone else. People produce some proof against their peculiar demands.

There are some differences in the body part of that video owner. I mean differences in physical appearance. The talking style, way of delivering the speech, eyesight, earlobe, and so on are not the same as Joe Biden’s.

Earlobe: The curvature of Biden’s ear and that person on the video is not the same. Joe Biden’s curvature is more curve than that person’s. When people zoom out on two pictures of two remarkable guys they can able to find out the dissimilarity.

Writing Hand: Before the video, Biden signed numerous documents, files, and many other things. Usually, each time Biden signed documents with his right hand. It is clear, Joe Biden is right-handed. But the video man was signed with his left hand.

Image Source: @joebiden

Eye Sight: Eyesight is the top proof that one can clearly differentiate between these two persons. A video of 2019 shows that Joe Biden’s eyes are blue. Literally, people all over the world, know that Biden bears a pair of blue eyes.

But the 17-seconds video clip presented something exotic. The eyes of that person looked black during the video. Critics assumed that it looked separate because of the lighting.

It happened before that one person’s eye color is different in altered lighting conditions. Light’s reflection creates this type of situation.

What Was About That Video?

President Joe Biden delivered his speech regarding the riots of 6 January. The riots were seen as a protester storm. At present, they are under investigation.

The investigation is handled by a congressional dashboard. Afterward, the clip was released on the ruling party Democrat’s official Twitter handle. Instantly, it was shared more than a thousand times and gave birth to massive conspiracy theories.

Image Source: @joebiden

Is Joe Biden a Clone a Fake News?

Conspiracy against Joe Biden’s video clip was spread by the right-wing television channels One America News and Newsmax. For unusual looks, people are imposing fake news on Joe Biden’s video.

To be honest, the primary differences are coming because of the temperature of the light used in that video. Traditionally, when Biden is talking he is twinkling his eyes several times. But the video clip didn’t display something like that because Joe is not blinking anymore.

Surprisingly, the clip is retweeted more than 40,000 times regarding his blinking. A normal person blinks almost 12 times in a minute. Astonishingly, Joe was not blinked for 17 seconds after launching his video.

Later on, the video clip was investigated deeply. A surprising matter came out that the clip was developed by attaching separate parts of the original video. The full length of the video had been published.

Has This Type of Incident Happened Before With Joe Biden?

Claims against Joe Biden are regular issues. Biden was claimed a deep-fake, cloned, masked, a hologram, and CGI. These are floating on the internet and sometimes have gone viral.

In March 2021, Biden answered some questions by reporters in the White House that went viral. A claim was stood that, Joe Biden was filmed on a green screen.

People are promoting these claims because they believed that it would work as a shield for the president. Some are claiming that Biden was arrested. Anyway, all those claims are absolutely misleading.

But people are eagerly waiting for these types of rumors. Funnily, this has happened with the former President of America, Donald Trump. It is completely a manipulation of AI.