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Is Usher Related to Chris Brown?

They are both award-winning singers, they are both comfortable in front of the camera. Usher and Chris Brown also appear on television. In their career, they have done many common things. Anyway, let’s find out through the article ”Is Usher related to Chris Brown?”

Well, the answer is no. Usher and Chris Brown are not related, not even in distance relative. They don’t have the same surname and are not related biologically. However, they share the same profession and maintain a close friendship. Shared the same industry and working together does not mean, they are related. 

Is Usher Related to Chris Brown
Usher/Instagram/Image: @usher

On social media and news, there is news about they are related. But that’s not true, it’s a rumor. They build strong friendships and collaborate on many songs. 

Some of them believe that they are cousins. Recently, there is news about their battle. We have no idea about their battle and no idea about the issue. On the internet, people have seen their arguments to each other. 

Because of some problem, they are not together. In an interview, Usher said that ”involving Chris Brown is something he has come to deeply regret over the years”. But why does the 43 years singer talk like we have no specific answer.

Who is the Better Singer Between Them?

Usher and Chris Brown are worldwide famous and popular singers. Usher started his work in his childhood at the age of 12. On the other hand, Chris Brown used to participate in several shows. In a show, Chris has sung Usher’s song called ”My Way”. 

However, they both are successful in their own position. If you compare them, that is not justified. Because they had a generation gap. Chris Brown is best known for his dance moves and style. 

The most important thing is, Usher started his work before Chris. When Usher is already famous, that time Chris started his work. They also came from different countries. 

Moreover, they had different work styles. Their dance move and musical genre are quite different. Because of their talent and hard work, they are successful today.  

Who is more Popular on Social Media?

Chris Brown and Usher are famous on social media. They had a large number of followers on social media like Instagram. On social media, Usher has a verified account with 9.4 million followers. 

On the other hand, Chris Brown has a verified account with 95.6 million followers. Because of his regular activity, he is more famous than Usher. He posts several updates in a day. 

Moreover, Chris also belongs to the 21s century and he copes with the new techniques. People in today’s generation love the one who can relate their things and feelings. 

Now social media is a great place to connect with their fans-followers. Their fans are eagerly waiting for their update and work schedule. 

Besides, social media is a platform to promote their work. Through social media, they promote their album and music videos on the internet. Also posted special moments on the internet. According to their career, they did a lot of works. Usher’s career is long enough than Chris Brown’s. 

Famous Work of Chris Brown

Chris Brown did several great works. Besides being an American singer, he is also known as an African-American most famous singer. Moreover, he shared the nickname King of R&B with R. Kelly.

If you talked about his lyrics, you would see the lyrics of his song based on Emotion, falling in love, s*x, regret, out of love, and so on. Chris’s debut single “Run It! was top on the Billboard chart. 

He is the only male singer whose song is top on the charts since 1995. Regarding his solo success, he is featured as a guest on several singles and duets. 

Moreover, his other single ”Kiss Kiss”, was a big hit and also peaked on the Billboard charts. The album ”F. A. M. E” was released in 2011, became top on the Billboard 200 charts. 

Famous Work of Usher

In Usher’s career, he did a lot of great works. If you started to talk about his work, you could not finish it. So, let’s talk about his most famous work. 

However, his first debut album was on his self-titled name which was peaked at number twenty-five on the Billboard charts. Then his lead single “You Make Me Wanna” got the platinum-certified single. 

Another single Nice and Slow peaked at number one on the Billboard hot chart. The same single got a platinum certificate from RIAA. Like these singles, he got many appreciations for work.