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Is Takeoff and Offset Related?

Are Takeoff and Offset related? There is a rumor that Takeoff and Offset are brothers. Let’s see what is the real truth!! It has been the subject of a lot of speculation lately, but we finally have an answer!

Takeoff and Offset are two members of the rap group Migos. The three members were all born in Atlanta, Georgia to Nigerian immigrants who had come to America for better opportunities.

Offset’s real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus. His mother was a nurse named Kimberly with his father being unknown at birth. However, it seems that he may actually be Takeoff’s cousin as they share a common grandmother – who is also their great-grandmother on their fathers’ side!

Is Takeoff and Offset Related

They came from a family of musicians, but they never thought that it would be their destiny to become some of the most popular rappers in history.

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As time went on, they began playing around with music and eventually teamed up with Offset who was also born in Atlanta. Together, these three men have taken over rap music by storm!

How Did Takeoff and Offset meet?

Takeoff and Offset met at their local school, performing in the same choir. It was there that they found out both of them had a love for music as well!

When deciding which high school to attend, they chose nearby Forest Hills High School because it had more art programs than other schools – better fitting their future ambitions.

The three rappers began making songs together when Takeoff’s parents bought him his first laptop from Walmart. They called themselves Migos since Atlanta is known as “the city too busy to sleep.”

Offset soon joined the group after being introduced by Quavo who was also attending college nearby. After only six months of practicing daily together, the trio released their first single – ‘Pipe It Up’.

The rest quickly followed and now they are established in their position as one of the most popular rap groups in America. The group’s success story has been built from the ground up on talent and dedication.

Who is more Popular between Them?

Between Takeoff and Offset, Takeoff seems to be the more popular rapper.

The trio’s debut album Yung Rich Nation debuted at number 12 on Billboard charts and they have been nominated for three Grammy awards in 2018, including Best Rap Performance.

Offset has a solo project called ‘The Book of Ryan’ coming out soon which is currently available for pre-order as well as collaborations with various artists like Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, Cardi B., Drake, and Post Malone.

He also appeared on Black Panther: The Album and he was featured in UK artist Sneakbo’s single ‘Lights Down Low’.

Takeoff released his own solo mixtape called “Tyrant” back in April 2017 but hasn’t had any other notable work since then.

Which Song did they Collaborate on together?

The song that Offset collaborates with Takeoff is “T-Shirt.” It was released on November 18, 2017 as the second single from their debut album Yung Rich Nation.

The lyrics of this track are about how they always get together no matter what and make money. They both talk about being rich, living like a king, living in luxury, and not caring for anyone else’s opinion.

They also mention that they have been rapping since they were 12 years old. So, it has taken them a long time to be where they are now but if you want something too bad then you need to put in all the work just like these two rappers did!