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Is Struggle Jennings Related To Waylon Jennings?

Struggle Jennings is the professional name of William Harness, a renowned American rapper. On the other side, Waylon Jennings was an outstanding singer, musician, and songwriter. His wife is widely recognized as a country singer.

Multiple times, Struggle Jennings opened his mouth regarding Waylon Jennings and tried to present Waylon as his idol. Moreover, Struggle and Waylon both have Jennings as their last name. As a result, people are guessing if Struggle Jennings is related to Waylon Jennings.

Is Struggle Jennings Related To Waylon Jennings?

For sure, Struggle Jennings and Waylon Jennings are related to each other. Struggle Jennings is traced out as the grandson of Waylon Jennings.

Is Struggle Jennings Related To Waylon Jennings
Struggle Jennings/Instagram: @iamstruggle

Not only that but also the nephew of an excellent singer, guitarist, record producer, and songwriter named Shooter Jennings.

Shooter Jennings is the one and only son of the passionate couple Waylon and Jessi Colter. Struggle Jennings had expressed his confusion regarding the last name he carried.

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On top of that, he published a joint-record proving the name of his grandpa, Waylon & Willie IV.

How Struggle Jennings Related To Waylon Jennings?

Struggle Jennings was birth in Tennessee, US, and was born on 31st May 1980. Sad to relate, he was very much addicted to drugs, even though he was prisoned in 2011.

Waylon Jennings commenced his musical career at an adolescent age. When he was just eight years old, he took the guitar to play. Surprisingly, Waylon performed on KVOW radio, when he was twelve.

Struggle Jennings/Instagram: @iamstruggle

Waylon Jennings bears a unique and soulful voice and is undoubtedly better than other country music performers. The reasons behind their relationships are mentioned below;

  • Waylon Jennings’ son’s name is Shooter Jennings and Struggle Jennings is his nephew. That is a point to claim Struggle as a grandson of Waylon.
  • In another way, Jessie Colter, grandmother of Struggle was married to Waylon. Consequently, all of them bear Jennings as their last name.
  • Even the last name Jennings was transferred to Struggle’s mom, Jennifer Eddy. That’s why Struggle equally got the name.

So basically, Struggle Jennings is related to Waylon Jennings.

Struggle Jennings Brought Family Legacy:

Struggle Jennings set out on his journey in the 2000s. Then he just Struggle and didn’t have any last name like Jennings. Unluckily, he was prisoned in 2011 for his hard-knock lifestyle and got freed from jail in 2016.

Literally, Jennings is not the last name of Struggle as he had his father’s name. In fact, he inherited the name from his mother’s family. It seemed shameful to him, and he didn’t want to express his relationship to Waylon.

Struggle always wanted to establish himself and become his own artist. But when he has prisoned the media as usual addressed him as Struggle Jennings. Struggle’s business partner advised him to accept the name, Jennings.

Struggle Jennings/Instagram: @iamstruggle

Jennings’s partner said him to adopt because if Struggle search his name on Google as “Struggle” then he couldn’t find his name at the top.

But if he connected Jennings then he could find his name easily at the top of the Google search engine.

Jennings adopts the name after getting freed from jail and adopts the name as a family legacy. His recent album entitled “Angles and outlaws” makes his way clear and supports him to make collaborate with Brianna Harness.

Struggle Jennings Talked About Waylon Jennings:

When Struggle Jennings was in jail, he experienced the harshest time of his life. Woefully, his wife died from taking an overdose of drugs. Because of his wife’s death, his children had to go into custody.

Undergoing all those terrible things, Struggle determined that he would be the best father, artist, and man after getting free.

In 2016, Struggle Jennings was freed from jail, and he took back his children from state custody.

Struggle Jennings/Instagram: @iamstruggle

Later on, Struggle Jennings tried to make better communication with his previous friends named Yelawolf and Jelly Roll.

In continuation of this, Jelly and he released a record entitled “Waylon & Willie”. The records delivered tremendous feedback from the listeners.

Struggle Jennings’s mother was addicted to bad boys, and she dated them. As a result of which, she married Struggle’s father.

Astonishingly, when Struggle was 10 years old, his father was murdered by someone like his father.

Struggle Jennings Marked Him As An Outlaw:

Struggle Jennings once belonged to a legacy of Gangsters called Outlaws and Rock stars. As Struggle’s father was an irresponsible one, and that’s why he has to fight all day long to live.

Struggle Jennings shared his life story with the audience with passion and honesty. Afterward, he is capable to develop a loyal fanbase.

Amazingly, they are not the only fans of his music but also his personal life.