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Is Spiritbox a Christian Band?

Spiritbox is a Canadian music band from Victoria, British Columbia. There are some questions has been searched on the internet about the band. One of the most common questions is “Is Spiritbox A Christian Band?”

Well, the answer is “No.” Spiritbox is not a Christian Band. It is a heavy metal rock music band which is formed by guitarist Mike Stringer & vocalist Courtney LaPlante.

Is Spiritbox a Christian Band
Spiritbox/Instagram: @spiritboxmusic

The Canadian band “Spiritbox” is always keeping a deep connection with its fans. In 2022, Spiritbox became a popular band in Canada which made its fame in a short time.

Formation & Early Years of Spiritbox

The Canadian band “Spiritbox” has been formed by a couple. Courtney LaPlante & Mike Stringer are the couple who formed the music band. In late 2015, they decided to form a new music band.

Finally, they became successfully able to form the band in 2017. The couple tried to form it to pursue a different and new personal & creative direction. Then they decided to take a break from touring and went back hometown.

Courtney LaPlante & Mike Stringer got married in 2016. They started investing money in recording songs for the music band two weeks after their wedding.

During its foundation, Spiritbox had got a huge budget from a private non-profit organization named “FACTOR.” They successfully released a single “The Beauty of Suffering.”

Thus the band started its journey and released multiple hit songs. Spiritbox composed most of the songs throughout 2018 and 2019. At present, the band has a huge fan base community.

What Type of Band is Spiritbox?

Spiritbox is a Canadian heavy metal music band. It has several musical styles such as metalcore, post-metal, progressive metal, etc.

Bobby Olivier of Billboard had described that Spiritbox displayed aspects ranging from atmospheric genre to industrial genre. LaPlante said the music of the band was constructed out by a metal foundation.

On the other hand, Revolver’s Eli Enis commented that the musical style of the rock band is Alternative Metal with elegant vocals as well. Spiritbox’s artist has used some electronic musical elements including Samples & programmed drums for keeping better quality.

An American monthly music magazine “Guitar World” had described that Spiritbox is successfully able to master digitally infused metal. The music band was influenced by some early post-punk bands including the Cure.

After getting inspiration from the pop music of the 1980s, Spiritbox started combining electronic styles for music. The Canadian band had credited the “Protest the Hero” band for musical influences.

The Members of Spiritbox

At the time of the formation of the band, there were a few members with the band. Now it has many members who are still working with Spiritbox. Let’s know their identity:

Courtney LaPlante – Main Vocalist. She is the wife of Mike Stringer and co-founder of Spiritbox.

Mike Stringer – Guitarist and co-founder of the band.

Zev Rosenberg – Drummer. He is being a member of the band from 2020 to the present.

Josh Gilbert – Bassist. Recently he started working as a member of the band.

Courtney and Mike both are former members of an American music band “Iwrestledabearonce.” They left the band in 2015 because they were feeling uncomfortable with the band and decided to form Spiritbox of their creativity.

Some Singles of Spiritbox

From 2017 to 2022, there are a lot of singles has been released by the music band “Spiritbox.” Eternal Blue is the debut album of the band which is released on 17 September 2021. In 2022, they are working on new albums.

Some singles of the band:

Songs NameReleasing Year
The Beauty of Suffering2017
Electric Cross2018
Belcarra            2019
Blessed Be2020
Holly Roller2020
Circle With Me2021

Achievements & Awards

Though Spiritbox has been formed just five years ago, it has gained huge fame in Canada. The music band has lots of fan followers on social media.

On Instagram, it has about 200k followers. There are also thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook. By the way, the band’s popularity is increasing day by day because of its excellence.

From 2017 to 2022, Spiritbox won a couple of musical awards. In 2020, Blessed Be the most famous song of the music band won the Music Video of the Year Award.

One year later, the band won the “Best International Breakthrough Band” award. It is a great achievement for the band. Anyway, Spiritbox became nominated several times for many awards including the “Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year” award.