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Is Quavo Left-Handed?

people used to say that those who are left-hand dominant are “lucky,” and they are unique from the others. On the internet, there is gossip about Quavo’s left hand. Let’s discuss and find out the truth. 

Well, Quavo is left-handed. In Ruffles Celeb Game, we saw Quavo used his left hand to pass the basketball. His left-handed video clip was viral on social media. From that time, the confusion is clear. 

Is Quavo Left-Handed
Quavo / Image / Instagram: @quavohuncho

Left-handed people are different from right-handed people. People used to say that they came to the world with good luck. In the world, the number of leafy people is limited. 

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A number few people were born with this great fortune, Quavo is one of them. We saw him much to use his left hand, even in concert and music video.  

As a left-handed person, he did not feel awkward using his leaf. He does not have an intention to convert right-handed. However, he is happy the way he is. 

Quavo LifeStyle and Fashion Sense

Quavo is a multi-talented and fashionable rapper in his century. If you look at his fashion sense, you will be fascinated. He did everything to be fashionable. 

Moreover, his lifestyle and fashion sense are more impressive than other rappers. His hairstyle, dress sense, and ornament are different from others. 

As a rapper and a member of Migos, he leads a luxury lifestyle. If you notice, you will see his body is full of different tattoos. Probably, he has 12 tattoos on his body. 

All the tattoos have an interesting meaning. On the left hand, he tattooed his debut album name Cash and Huncho. This tattoo expressed his love for the debut album. 

Besides, Quavo has a passion for necklaces. He used to wear different kinds of necklaces at concerts. Sometimes, he also puts weird one. 

While Quavo going to a concert, he used to keep an extra t-shirt. If he messes with his dress, he can change. He has a habit to carry wild accessories. 

Quavo accessories
Quavo / Image / Instagram: @quavohuncho

Moreover, Quavo customized a few chains of his favorite character Yoda from Star Wars and Ratatouille’s Remy. These items are his favorite ones. He is so practical about these issues. 

Quavo Loves to Wear Branded Dress

Quavo is a highly fashionable person who wears branded everything. From the brand LOUIS VUITTON to VALENTINO, every band he wears. 

However, he has a weakness for the branded dresses. As a member of Migos, he can easily afford all these. He feels more confident and relaxed to wear branded ones. 

The trio of Migas also wears the same dress sometimes on stage. In Migos, they were cousins and more close than a biological one. Because of their collaboration, Quavo reached his goal easily.

However, Quavo also wears the CALVIN KLEIN dress. He became a brand ambassador because of his popularity. A good sense of fashion makes him a brand ambassador of the sports apparel retailer Lids. 

Quavo / Image / Instagram: @quavohuncho

Then, he expressed his feeling that he is happy to be a part of a sports company. He gave an interview to Bussiness Insider and told, he had a plan to open a limited edition hat line. 

Early Life of Quavo

Quavo was born in 1991, Georgia, U.S. He was not born as Quavo, his real name is Quavious Keyate Marshall. His stage name is Quavo.

However, at the age of four, his father died and he grew up with his mother. His mother was a hairdresser. Without his father, his childhood was not enjoyable. 

In his childhood, he played football most of the time. Quavo attended Berkmar High School and join the football team. He was really good at Football.

Moreover, he has a record to pass more in one game. Because of his interest in sports, he dropped out of school before his graduation. He had a promising future in football if he did not join in Migos. 

When Migos was formed, Quavo still played football. In 2018, NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, he was showing his talent and earned MVP honor. Because of his talent, he achieved this honor. 

However, his childhood was miserable without his father. But his situation change because the trio of Migos grew up together in Gwinnett County near Atlanta.