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Is Pitbull Related to Bang Chan?

Pitbull is an American rapper, singer, actor, and songwriter. If you look at his career, you will see his multi-talent. Including Pitbull’s relation and relative, there has been a ton of questions. The most search question is ”Is pitbull related to Bang Chan?”

Well, the answer is no. On social media, there has been an image got viral. In this image, Pitbull has seen with little Bang Chan. They are related because of the same profession. They do not have any biological relation. However, the image shocked people and his fans. 

Pitbull/Image/Instagram: @pitbull

After seeing this image a girl posted on Twitter about their relation. Some of them believe that Pitbull is Bang Chan’s uncle. But in that post, someone replied that this image was fake and the news also. 

There is another similarity between them. They came from the same country Australia. Actually, he was born in South Korea and then move to Australia. Bang is the leader of the K-pop group Stray Kids. 

Anyway, many people believed that Pitbull is the uncle of Bang Chan. On social media, everything is possible. People should not believe in social media posts or news. They should justify the reality. 

Who is Better Between Pitbull and Bang Chan?

According to performance, Pitbull is better than Bang Chang. You should not compare them. Most important thing is, there is a generation gap between them. 

Moreover, they belong to different centuries. Their musical style is different. If you look at Pitbull’s career, you will find out a multi-talented person. Ther is not a single person who doesn’t know Pitbull.  

Because of their profession and work, they have a good relation. If you talk about Pitbull’s success, you could not finish it. Chan’s middle name was similar to Pitbull’s middle name. In an interview, Chan stated that his middle name was kept one of his idols names. 

We should not compare them. Because Pitbull is already successful when Chan is a little boy. Bang respects him as his idol and hero. As a k-pop star, Chan is also successful. 

Who is More Popular on Social Media?

Pitbull and Bang Chan are popular on social media. Both are famous for their position and success. If you are judged their popularity according to social media followers, you will get a different result. 

According to Instagram, Pitbull has huge fan followers. He has a verified account of around 8.7 million followers. On the other hand, Bang is the leader of the group of stray kids. On Instagram, Their official group account has 16.1 million followers. 

Bang Chan’s account has 283k followers. He is active on Instagram and posts regularly. As a rising star, he has a long way to go. His followers increasing day by day. 

People used to follow them on social media to know their upcoming work. Celes like Pitbull did not promote their album. They just post about their album on social accounts. 

People are eagerly waiting for their idol’s works. Because of their talent and hard work, they got to succeed. Pitbull and Chan did not get famous overnight. They had to struggle and did great work. 

Pitbull’s Famous work

In his teenage, Pitbull was influenced by pop music. He used to listen to Miami bass genre music. In his career, he did several great works. Still, he is making music for his fan-followers. 

His most famous work is Global Warming: Meltdown. From this album, the single is called Timber peaked at number 1 in UK and USA. This was his big achievement in his early career. 

Another single from the same album got hit the top 10 in Australia, Canada, UK, and the USA. This is entirely changed his life. In 2009, his fourth album called Rebelution was released. From this album, a single was peaked at number 2 in the Billboard hot 100 charts. 

Moreover, Pitbull also performed in the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP with Claudia Leitte and Jennifer Lopez. He sold huge singles and albums in his career. His album sold worldwide. 

Bang Chang’s FAmous Work

Chan is the leader of the group Stray Kids. The group consists of eight members. They worked together. In 2017, they launched their reality show officially. 

The group released their first music video named Hellevator. Then they introduced their official website. In 2018, they released their single online. The single name is Spread My Wings. 

One week later, the single was peaked at number 2 n the Billboard’s World Albums chart. Chan did not have any solo album. As a leader, they worked together.