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Is Nle Choppa alive in 2023?

Is Nle Choppa alive? This is a question that is on the minds of many hip-hop fans. Some people say he is, while others say he is not.

This blog post will explore whether or not Nle Choppa is still alive and well. We’ll take a look at his social media accounts to see if there are any recent updates, as well as discuss some theories about what could have happened to him.

The answer is yes. Nle Choppa is still alive and doing great. This is all about a rumor which is spread through social media. People suspected that he died in a car accident. 

Is Nle Choppa alive
NLE Choppa | Via Instagram @nlechoppamusic

However, Nle’s latest post on Instagram was 18 hours ago. He posted his latest tattoo on his Instagram account and captioned it Favorite Tattoo FOREVER…The most interesting news is he tattooed his daughter’s face on his right leg.

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The most popular story goes on recently that Nle’s mother died in an accident and he was so broken up about it that he didn’t want to live anymore.

This theory does not have any evidence or proof behind it, though some people do believe it because of how much tragedy has happened in his life already (both parents dying).

How the Rumor Spread?

The rumor is spread through social media, with most people on Twitter and Instagram. The first tweet is from a person who goes by the name @YoungNlelife which is Nle Choppa’s official Twitter account.

He tweeted out “RIP to my father” but it was deleted shortly after he posted it.

Another popular story is that there are two more tweets mentioning death: one where somebody says “@HoeIsNleChoppeDead? what happened?” and another post of photos of accident victims in Nigeria. Those posts have since been removed as well.

Within a short time, the news broke social media and went viral. Then his manager updated them about his condition and the rumors were put to rest.

Nle’s Early Life

Nle Choppa is born to a Jamaican mother and father in Nigeria. He was born on 1st November 2002.

He grew up with his family’s support as they encouraged him to do what he loved. His father was involved in music production which sparked Nle’s interest at an early age but it wasn’t until high school that he started making beats on his own.

is nle choppa still alive
Nle Choppa / Image / Instagram: @nlechoppamusic

When Nle was 12 years old, he created a sound system for himself and would play records every Friday night while people danced around him. That same year, one of the dancers suggested that they create their group name “The Huncho Beat”.

The group consisted of Nle, his brother, and a couple of friends. They used to perform at school events with their sound system as well as occasionally playing in the community’s backyard parties.

Nle is talented and was given an opportunity by one of Nigeria’s up-and-coming producers called “DJ Obi”. He is good at soccer too but he decided to pursue music because it is what he had more passion for.”

He released his first song on Soundcloud when he was 16 years old, titled “Aceh”, which gained him attention from all over Africa including South Africa where people were putting links to the track everywhere they could find them.


Every celeb faced several controversies. Choppa also faced some and come back from it. He was arrested several times in Lagos after people started accusing him of being a criminal. That’s not controversial.

There is a charge against him to seduce someone. But we don’t know the truth. Nle was not clear about the matter.

However, his life is full of controversies like being banned from Instagram. He commented on something that was out of the rules. So, Instagram authority banned him in 2020.

Besides, he is too young to handle these things That’s why all that happening.