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Is NF Rapper Christian?

Nathan John Feuerstein is professionally known as NF. He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. The rapper had found his musical upbringing in Christian hip-hop. Is NF Rapper Christian?

The answer to the question is “Yes.” NF Rapper is a Christian. While NF denied his music label as a Christian rapper, he revealed that despite being a Christian he does not make Christian music.

Is NF Rapper Christian
NF Rapper/Instagram: @nfrealmusic

Some fans might wonder if NF is Christian or not. That is why they are searching on the internet to know his religious views. But those fans who have known about his life deeply might know that he is a Christian.

Is NF Rapper Religious?

A couple of years ago, NF talked about his religious view. During an interview, he revealed his beliefs in God & talked about how he dealt with success and others about his personal life.

He considered himself a negative person and prepared himself for the worst. While NF was talking in an interview, he was pretty open about where he is at with God.

The rapper said that he was a believer and wished that he would talk to God more as well. In addition, he talked about how he was scared at the time of staying in the church.

His past experiences had left him feeling like a judgmental spirit. When a crisis comes, he feels of only goes to God. By the way, he expressed his beliefs about his religion.

Does NF Rapper’s Parents Christian?

NF Rapper’s parents are not known to affiliate themselves with any religion. Because there is little information about his parents on the internet. The rapper keeps his family hidden from the internet world.

NF had to pass his childhood without his parents. Because his father had left them after his birth. NF Rapper’s father and mother got divorced due to some unknown reasons.

That is why he did not grow up with his father. His mother had taken care when he was a little kid. But NF was forced to leave his mother. His mother’s boyfriend started abusing him.

In 2009, his mother died from drugs. Later, NF did not talk about his parents. Thus it is unknown to all if his parents are Christian or not.

As NF expresses himself as a Christian, probably it can be said that his parents are Christian as well. Currently, there is no exact information about their religion on the internet.

NF Before Making Fame

Nathan John Feuerstein was a basketball player before making fame as a rapper. During high school studies, he was on a basketball team.

The rapper was born in Gladwin, Michigan, the United States on 30 March 1991. At the time of his mother’s death, he was in a high school. NF completed his secondary education at Gladwin High School.

Then he began his career by working at the Fine Arts Festival which was organized by Connection Church. NF had an interest in making rap music during childhood.

After the death of his mother, NF dedicated a song to her. He started his music career by recording songs on a karaoke machine and with one microphone.

In 2011, NF released his debut album “Moments.” After releasing his debut single “Alone” people started knowing him. Now he is one of the most famous rappers in the United States.

Musical Style of NF

NF’s musical style was upbringing from Christian hip-hop. But he did not make Christian music and denied his music label as a Christian rapper.

The rapper has influenced by Eminem. On the other hand, his musical style has been compared with Machine Gun Kelly’s musical style. NF wrote his songs about those things that he was actually dealing with.

To relate to them, you did not have to be a Christian. His rapping movement is different than other rappers. NF worked with lots of famous artists during his music career.

Famous Works

Last decade, NF has released a lot of super hit singles. He has released more than four studio albums from the start of his music career to the present.

Several songs have been certified Gold & Platinum by the RIAA. In 2015, NF released the “All I Have” song which was certified Gold. On the other hand, he released the song “Let You Down” in 2017 which became a super hit song at that time.

The song was certified 6x Platinum by the RIAA and 4x Platinum by the GLF. Most of the songs took place on the American Hot Christian Songs music chart.