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Is Nelly Still Alive in 2023?

Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. is professionally known as Nelly. He is an American rapper & singer. Besides the music artist is also a successful entrepreneur. 

Currently, people started talking about Nelly’s belonging. A common question has been arisen on the internet “Is Nelly Still Alive?” Let’s find out the answer. 

Well, the answer to the question is “Yes.” Nelly is still alive and doing well. Possibly rumors spread on the internet about the rapper’s death. He is a victim of death hoaxes. You should ignore Nelly’s death news.

Is Nelly Still Alive
Nelly/Instagram: @nelly

Because Nelly is still alive in 2022. Nowadays it is a common problem that some unknown communities used to spread wrong information about celebrities to increase their page views.

However, nothing happened with Nelly, he is alive and well at the time of writing this.

Health and Mental Condition of Nelly

Nelly’s mental condition was not so good. Because he lost his beloved sister Jackie Donahue. She has died of myelogenous leukemia. Nelly’s sister was suffered from the disease for a long time.

She was under treatment for more than a couple of years. But at last, she passed away. Nelly was shocked and very sad about his sister’s tragic death.

Nelly was mentally depressed after losing his sister. It takes too much time to cope with the situation. On the other hand, Nelly is physically fit and strong.

He is very aware of his sound health. If he felt sick, he took treatment from reputed doctors in the United States. Nelly takes some necessary steps to keep fit.

A few months ago, a video entitled “Nelly Workout & Diet” had been published on YouTube where Nelly was seen doing exercises in a gymnastic center. It proves that he is very aware of his health. 

In that video, he was talking about his workout and diet. Nelly said that he did not do treadmills, he tried a cycling class, but an old lady helped him.

In addition, he talked about his food habit. Nelly used to be a vegetarian to keep healthy. But he eats chicken and turkey then. He knew that healthy food is very important for sound health.

How Old is Nelly Now?

According to 2022, Nelly is 48 years old. He was born in Austin, a city in Texas in the United States on 2nd November 1974. Scorpio is the birth sign of the American rapper.

Cornell Hynes was his father and Rhonda Mack was his mother. Nelly’s father was served in the Air Force when Nelly was a child. Later, Nelly’s parents were divorced due to some unknown reasons.

As a result, Nelly’s childhood was not so interesting. He used to live with his mother and moved to St. Louis. He had one sister and his sister passed away.

Talking about education, Nelly studied at University City High School located in Missouri in the United States. At that time, Nelly formed an American hip hop group named “St. Lunatics” with his friends.

Nelly’s Personal Life

The American rapper Nelly dated more than a couple of girls during his whole life. According to The U.S. Sun, an American hip hop artist Kat Stacks was the ex-girlfriend of Nelly.

The rapper dated Channetta Valentine between 1990 and 1999. On the other hand, the author Karrine Steffans is also the ex-girlfriend of Nelly. But their relationship was not publically known.

Between 2000 to 2003, Nelly dated Eve Jihan Jeffers Cooper. But she is now married to a businessman. Nelly and Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas were in a relationship for a long time.

Though the couple was in a long-term relationship, they separated in 2014. Shantel Jackson & Nelly started dating in 2014.

They are still together. Some fans thought that the couple is engaged. But there is no exact information about their engagement.

By the way, Nelly has two children- Chanelle Haynes & Cornell Haynes III. Sometimes Nelly is seen with his children in photos.  

Nelly’s Current Activities

Nelly is active on social media like other celebrities. Nowadays social media is played an important role to increase the popularity of celebrities. Because they shared their daily activities on social media platforms.

Thus their fans got updated information about their daily life. Nelly has also shared his daily activities on social media.

If you focus on his account, you will get updated information about his current activities.

Nelly is focusing on his career. He is working on his new TV series at this moment. By the way, it proves that Nelly is still alive in 2022.