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Is Nas Still Alive in 2022?

Nas is one of the greatest rappers in America. Recently on the internet, he has been the hot searched. Surprisingly people are searching for real information. Let’s discuss and find out, ‘Is Nas still alive?”

Well, the answer is yes. Nas is still alive and doing great. Four hours ago on Instagram, Nas posted an image about his debut directing. His most recent album was released on 24 December 2021, called Magic. Right now, he is working on his upcoming album. 

Is Nas Still Alive
Nas/Image/Instagram: @nas

So, the news of his death is a rumor. He was accused of a death hoax. Even he did not take any break from his career. No idea why people spread this rumor through social media. 

After spreading his death news, people were shocked at first. Then without verification, they started to write condolences. Because of their condolences, the rumor got out of control. 

Anyway, rumors went viral within a short time. Ignore the death rumor about Nas. Because his Instagram account and Magic album are the proof of his belonging. He is active on social media and offline also. 

How did Nas React to the Rumor?

At first, Nas did not pay any attention to the rumor. He was used to these kinds of rumors. So, he was active in his work. After several days, Nas was surprised to listen to the news. 

Even fake news got popular within a short time. Before Nas noticed, the news went viral. Nas did not control the rumor, it will spread its ways. 

Early Life of Nas

Nas was born on 14 September 1973 in New York City. His father belongs to Mississippi and there he is jazz. His mother is a postal service worker named Fannie Ann. 

However, his brother is a rapper. So, he was learned from his brother. From his childhood, he has had an interest in rapping. His neighbor helped him to record raps. 

Because of his parent’s separation, he did not continue his study. After eighth grade, he dropped out. Then he learned himself a lot. He learned about African culture through Five Percent Nation. 

Social Media Activity

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones is mostly known as Nas. Nas is his stage name. He is famous both online and offline. Because of his hard work and patient, he got famous. 

On Instagram, he has a verified account with 6.5 million followers. He is active on social media like Instagram and posted regularly. This is a platform where celeb can connect with their friends. 

On social media celeb like Nas can promote several brands. It is also considered a business promotion platform. Promoting different brands is a business. Through this business, he earns a lot. 

Today what Nas achieves, he can not do without his family support. His fame and success did not come overnight. He has to struggle and wait for the right time. 

Nas started his career at the age of 16 in 1889. But he did not get fame at the starting. Everything comes at the proper time and you have to wait. Like Nas is waiting for his right time.