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Is MC Hammer Still Alive in 2023?

MC Hammer is an American rapper, songwriter as well as a record producer. He is best known as a television show host & dance judge on an American variety game show “Dance Fever.”

Currently, people started talking about his aliveness. A common question has arisen on the internet “Is MC Hammer Still Alive?”

Yes, MC Hammer is still alive and passing a great time. Possibly he is one of the celebrities who had become a victim of death hoaxes. If you heard MC Hammer’s death news, you should ignore it.

Is MC Hammer Still Alive
MC Hammer/Image source: @abcnews.go.com

Nowadays celebrities are victims of rumors. At the time of writing this, MC Hammer is alive and well.

What happened with MC Hammer?

Not to worry, nothing happened with MC Hammer. He is passing his life quite happily with his family. According to 2022, MC Hammer has not faced an accident.

Besides, he had not any harmful disease which can lead him to death. On the other hand, MC Hammer had never been attacked by the gangsters. He is still alive.

But MC Hammer had some legal issues. He lost his many properties due to bankruptcy. In 1997, MC Hammer sold his Fremont, California estate. He was arrested by the USA Police.

Why MC Hammer was arrested?

According to a report of CNN, MC Hammer was arrested due to obstructing an officer. In 2013, he was arrested in Dublin, California while he was driving a car.

MC Hammer obstructed a police officer in the performance of duties. As a result, the USA Police arrested him by the “stop and identify” law.

But MC Hammer claimed that he was a victim of racial profiling. In addition, he told that an officer reached inside his car and pulled him out of the car.

Though MC Hammer handed over his ID to the officer, he was arrested. The police said that MC Hammer used expired registration of his car. Later, he was released from the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California.

How old is MC Hammer now?

Stanley Kirk Burrell is the birth name of MC Hammer. According to 2022, MC Hammer is 60 years old. Over the 60 years, he has made a lot of fame.

MC Hammer was born in Oakland, the largest city of California in the United States on March 30, 1962. He is also known as King Hammer, Kirk Burrell & Hammerman.

His childhood was not so interesting. Because he belonged to a poor family. MC Hammer has eight siblings. Louis Burrell Sr. was the father of MC Hammer.

Anyway, King Hammer grew up with his mother and siblings in the area of California. Talking about education, MC Hammer studied at McClymonds High School located in West Oakland.

In 1980, He attended the high school where he took undergraduate classes in communications. Later, MC Hammer studied at a local college in his hometown. During that time, he played baseball so well.

MC is the nickname of Stanley Kirk Burrell which he acquired for being a Master of Ceremonies. Later, he used this name in several places.

Health & mental condition of MC Hammer

Currently, the health and mental condition of MC Hammer is much better than in the last decade. Due to some legal issues, he was mentally sick.

MC Hammer lost some properties to fill for bankruptcy. He also sold his mansion due to some reason. By the way, MC Hammer was mentally depressed after being arrested by the American Police.

As he was arrested so he lost his fame among his fans. Later, MC Hammer continued his career. However, he is aware of his sound health.

MC Hammer always eats fresh foods for being a healthy person. Every celebrity needs to keep fit & healthy.

If MC Hammer falls sick, he takes treatment from reputed doctors. Anyway, he had no deadly disease. Hammer is physically fit now.

MC Hammer’s current activities

MC Hammer is active on social media and he has a huge number of fan-followers. If you focus on his social media accounts, you will get an update about his daily activities. Because celebrities are shared their day-to-day activities on social media.

MC Hammer shares his photos and other posts on his social media account. So, it is proved that he is still alive. MC Hammer shared a video on his Twitter account yesterday where he has been seen talking inside a car.

The American rapper MC Hammer is currently living with his family & focusing on his new project. So, we can comfortably say that MC Hammer is still alive in 2022.