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Is Master P Dead in 2022?

Is Master P Dead? Master P is best known for being one of the most successful rap artists in history. He has been active since 1989, and he is a pioneer of the “Mafioso Rap” genre.

Master P is the latest celebrity to have a death hoax spread on social media. Rumors of his death started when he was hospitalized for a seizure, and many people thought that meant he died. This is not true! Master P is alive and well.

Is Master P Dead

How the rumor Spread?

The rumor that Master P is dead spread as a result of the following tweets:

“I just found out my uncle passed. He was only 40 years old.” (Twitter user @KidCulture)

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“Damn I lost one of my people, RIP to my Uncle and friend” (@DrizzyDoggs)

“[In memory] Rest In Peace My Uncles Brother,” tweeted by Twitter User @KylieDollars.

It is not clear who started these rumors, but it may have been in response to the recent shooting death at his son Romeo’s birthday party on Sunday evening.

It seems no one else has confirmed or denied their account being true so far and there are conflicting reports. 

It’s easy to spread any kind of rumor quickly especially online. But as the internet is not a credible source, news outlets will typically only publish rumors if they’re backed up by multiple sources with solid evidence to back them up.

You might have seen on Twitter that Master P was found dead in his home this morning. The article you shared from an unknown user says “Master P” and then it links to another website about hip-hop artists who died in 2017.

There are many reasons why this is a fake news article.

Firstly, the other website that it links to doesn’t mention Master P at all in its post Secondly, you might have noticed on Twitter that every time there is a “RIP” tweet about someone who has died recently, trolls like to use some variation of his name for their own amusement.

How did the rumor turn end?

Master P’s manager talked in an interview, and he said, “Master P is not dead. He’s alive and well.”

Master P said in an interview that there were a lot of people saying he was dead because his family had been killed, so they wanted him to be gone too. But Master P is still here today!

After his death’s rumor, when her last album was released all the rumors turn end. People believed what they see or read but this is not right.

Early Life

Master P was born Percy Miller in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 29th, 1967. He is the oldest of five children and grew up living with his grandmother while his mother lived in Los Angeles to look for work.

Their father passed away when he was five years old due to a heart attack. At an early age, Master P showed talent as both a rapper and basketball player but had little opportunity because of their lack of money.

He attended Warren Easton Charter High School and had a brief stint at Destrehan High School before dropping out to pursue his musical interests.

Then he went to the University of Houston and Get a basketball scholarship. Because of his injury, he suffered a lot and transfer to Merritt College in Oakland. In this college, he studied business.

He formed the group TRU with his brother Kevin Smith (DJ Times). The name stood for “True and Real”. They released their first album in 1991 which was called Down South Hoslins’ Most Wanted Vol. I.

After the success of their second studio album entitled Tru’s Da Name, they changed their name to TRU Worldwide Entertainment Inc.