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Is Ludacris Still Alive in 2023?

Ludacris is an American actor & rapper. He is best known for working with the American action film “Fast & Furious” as an actor. Surprisingly people are searching to know, “Is Ludacris Still Alive?”

Not to worry, Ludacris is still alive and doing well. Recently, Ludacris got the citizenship of Gabon which is a country on the west coast of Central Africa. The news was shared on his Instagram account.

Is Ludacris Still Alive
Ludacris/Image/Instagram: @ludacris

If you got his death news, do not worry about it. You should ignore the death rumor. Because celebrities are often accused of a death hoax. By the way, Ludacris is not dead, he is alive in 2022.

What happened with Ludacris?

Nothing happened with Ludacris, he is passing his life quite happily. According to 2022, he had not had an accident and he had no deadly disease which can lead to his death.

Celebrities are often attacked by hatters and lost their life. But Ludacris had not been attacked by anyone. Possibly he has no enemy because of his good behavior.

Ludacris was so far from his work during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is not attacked by the Coronavirus due to maintaining safety. But his mental condition was not so well then.

Ludacris shared his experience of the pandemic time and how he and his family members maintained their physical and mental health.

Moreover, he expressed in a live video how the COVID-19 situation had impacted him.

The actor maintains his sound health seriously. He does exercise regularly to make sure good health and takes healthy foods.

Besides, Ludacris is aware of the importance of sound sleep for a fresh mind.

Anyway, the health and mental condition of the multitalented American actor is much better now. 

How old is Ludacris now?

Christopher Brian Bridges is the birth name of Ludacris. According to 2022, he is passing his 45 birth year. Over the 45 years, Ludacris has developed a tremendous career.

Ludacris was born on 11 September 1977 in Champaign a city of Illinois in the United States. He is also known as another name including Chris Lova Lova and Velvet Jones.

Though Ludacris was born in Champaign, he moved to Oak Park when he was a teenager. Wayne Brian Bridges is the father and Roberta Shields is the mother of Ludacris. They both are African American citizens.

Ludacris studied at Oak Park-River Forest High School when he left his hometown. Later, he moved to Centreville and was admitted to Centreville High School where he studied for one year.

In 1995, Ludacris joined Banneker High School. He completed his graduation from Georgia State University in music management in 1999. Though Ludacris is an American by born, he became a citizen of Gabon. 

Social media activities of Ludacris

Ludacris is active on social media. He has lots of fan-followers on his social media account. Nowadays social media is one of the best ways to increase popularity.

On Instagram, Ludacris has an account with over 13 million followers. Besides, he has more than 11 million followers on Twitter.

If you notice the social media activity of Ludacris, you will know his daily move.

He shared his photos on his social media account which proved that Ludacris is still alive. Three days ago, he shared a post on Twitter where he shared about progressing in life. 

On 6 March 2022, Ludacris shared a video entitled with “Last night went a little something.” In that video, Ludacris was seen performing on a stage.

In 2020, Ludacris got citizenship along with his mother of another country and it was spread on social media after a post on his Instagram account.

Moreover, Ludacris shared his daily activities on his social media account. That’s the reason, people follow

Ludacris’ personal life

Ludacris had a relationship with an attorney from Atlanta. They have a daughter named Karma Bridges who was born in 2001. Ludacris had also a relationship with Tamika Fuller, his longtime friend.

Later, Ludacris dated Eudoxie Mbouguiengue for more than two years. The couple got married in 2014. His wife is a model and Instagram influencer. Ludacris and his wife got engaged in Costa Rica.

One year later of their marriage, the couple announced that they are going to be parents. Ludacris’ wife welcomed a baby girl in 2015. Eudoxie and Ludacris announced through Instagram that they are expecting their second child.

However, Ludacris is the father of four children. Currently, Ludacris is living in Atlanta, the USA with his family members. I hope now it is clear to all that the American popular actor Ludacris is still alive.