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Is Lil Wayne Dying?

Is Lil Wayne dying? If you are a fan of the rapper, then this is a question that has probably crossed your mind. Although he is in his mid-30s, there have been many rumors circulating about Lil Wayne’s health due to recent performances and what some consider “out of character” tweets.

Here we will discuss whether or not these worries are justified and if there might be any truth to the rumor that Lil Wayne may be dying soon.

First, we need to take a look at Lil Wayne’s recent performance. He was visibly not performing well and had trouble staying on beat with his backing track. It is also worth noting that there were some lyrics changed from what they would normally be in songs such as “I’m running out of breath” or “What am I living for?”. These are certainly signs that something may be wrong.

Is Lil Wayne Dying

It’s all about rumor and speculation at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of these types of conversations.

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Although these concerns are valid, fans should know by now when it comes to Lil Wayne, you never really know what is going on with him.

How the Rumor Spread?

The rumor that Lil Wayne may be dying soon. In his show, he suddenly got a seizure.

Lil Wayne is suffering from seizures, which are quite common among people with epilepsy. Lil Wayne also suffers from non-epileptic seizures of psychogenic origin, a type of mental illness that causes symptoms similar to epileptic ones but without any brain damage or abnormal activity on an EEG. 

The rumor may have been spread when he suffered his first public seizure at a show in Dallas on March 16th and was hospitalized for this condition again last week.

Drinking lean (cough syrup mixed with soda) can cause these types of problems as well. It’s even more likely if someone has trouble sleeping or feels anxious all the time because they drink too much cough syrup and get hooked on it quickly.”

He was also hospitalized for few days that why the rumor spread quickly.

Li Wayne’s current situation

Lil Wayne was in the hospital in 2018. He was hospitalized for seizures and lack of oxygen to the brain caused by a combination of high-risk factors, his use of codeine cough syrup as well as Xanax (an anti-anxiety medication).

On December 24th, it was revealed that he had suffered from eight strokes over four days.

Doctors believe he is now recovering after having undergone treatment with IV antibiotics but no one knows how much long-term damage has occurred to his health without being able to examine him physically yet.

He remains under observation while doctors treat him with fluids and electrolytes intravenously.

Li Wayne’s fame

In the early 2000s, Wayne became best known for his collaborations with Young Money Records. In 2004 he released the popular single “Go DJ” that year and followed up in 2005 with a collaboration album called Like Father, Like Son. 

This project got much attention outside of rap circles. However, in 2006, the rapper came into his own and released 500 Degreez a year later.

In 2008 he was involved with “Tha Carter III”, which became one of the best-selling albums of all time. This album included many popular singles like “Lollipop” that went platinum as well as “A Milli”.

The album received many awards and nominations, including a nomination for Album of the Year. In that same year, he released “Tha Carter III: The Leak” which was an EP featuring various remixes to tracks from the album as well as some new material.

In 2010 Wayne’s fifth studio album, Tha Carter IV became his most successful release yet with several popular works.

Because of his fame, Wayne has been featured in both film and television, the most notable being a cameo on Comedy Central’s “Chappelle Show”.

In April 2011, Wayne took his talents to another medium by releasing an album with DJ Drama titled “Tha Carter IV: The Original” which was released as a free digital download available for purchase.

This is due to a falling out with his original record label of eight years, Cash Money Records.

In 2013, Wayne released another album titled “I Am Not a Human Being II” which continued the trend he started in 2011 and was followed up by two more albums this year “Tha Carter V” and “Funeral”.