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Is Lil Uzi Vert a Soundcloud Rapper?

Lil Uzi is one of the hottest rappers around right now and is undeniably successful. However, is he a SoundCloud rapper? Lil Uzi is currently signed to Atlantic Records so it would be hard for him to be considered a “Soundcloud” artist.

The answer is yes. Lil Uzi was in Soundcloud. The rapper raised from SoundCloud. But he moved from Soundcloud for singing with record level. He is the hottest hip-hop artist around right now and undeniably successful. 

Lil Uzi Vert | Via Instagram @liluzivert

What is Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is a music and audio distribution platform that allows anyone to upload content, which is then free for public consumption.

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This is where Lil Uzi Vert found his start in the industry by uploading songs through this site.

SoundCloud rap is typically defined as hip-hop that is uploaded on SoundCloud exclusively with no or limited availability on other online streaming platforms such as Spotify or iTunes.

The subgenre was discovered after rappers like Drake appeared on popular mixtapes from DJ’s mixing mainstream and underground artists together.

Rappers who have emerged out of SoundCloud include Playboi Carti, Lil Pump, Lil Yachty.

Since SoundCloud is one of the most popular and easily accessible platforms in this digital era, rappers can put their music on it without having to go through record labels or other entities.

Lil’s Breakthrough

Lil participated in a rap show named A$AP Mob Mixtape in 2016 in New York City. In the same year in February, Lil released his single ”Money Longer” on Soundcloud.

Behind his success, Soundcloud plays a great role. In 2016, he appeared in XXL magazine as a part of their 2016 Freshman Class. As a freshman, he performed along with famous rappers like Desiigner, Young Thug, and 21 Savage.

Moreover, in 2016 July, Lil announced his fourth mixtape album The Perfect LUV Tape, and released it on his birthday 31 July.

In 2017, Lil released another album called ”Luv is Rage 2” which was produced by TM88 and Southside. In 2018 April, he collaborated with Kanye West for a song titled ”Kanye West.”

Musical Style

Lil Uzi has a different musical style that is not matched with anyone. His style of rap is very unique and has a different sound.

Lil is popular for his use of melody, combining with the lyrics in every song he makes. His music is always catchy and it gets stuck on your mind after listening to it once or twice.

The type of melodies that Lil uses are unfamiliar yet they seem so perfect when you hear them just one time because they are well-crafted by him as if they have been made especially for each genre of his songs.

Because of his musical style, he is compared to rock music. He is also considered a Lo-fi rapper and compared to rapper Lil Wayne.

Success in Music Industry

Lil is popular for his unique music style and he is able to have success with it because of how different it is from any other rapper’s work.

He was also one of the most streamed artists on Spotify in 2017 based on all genres, which proves that Lil Uzi Vert is more than just an underground rap artist- he can be as mainstream as anyone else if given the chance.

It is clear that there is something about him that makes people love what they hear, but not everyone agrees on what exactly makes him so special or why you should listen to this type of genre at all.

However, he is also prominent because he has collaborated with many other artists like Travis Scott, Future, Playboi Carti, Desiigner and many more. His popularity is so high that his single “XO Tour Life” even reached number one on Billboard Hot 100 Chart back in 2017.

As a rapper, he did several great works by releasing many singles and collaborating with more artists. He is also famous for being the youngest artist to hit number one on Billboard Hot 100 back in 2017.

So, Soundcloud is a big platform where anyone can upload their music and is the perfect place to promote or even find new artists.

Lil Uzi Vert is one of them who started releasing his own tracks on Soundcloud back in 2013.