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Is Lil Baby and Rylo Rodriguez Related?

People have been debating on whether Lil Baby and Rylo Rodriguez are related. They live in the same city, Atlanta GA, they’re both from the East side of town, they’ve collaborated before and now we know that their moms were friends back in high school. What really happened?

The two seemed like they were close friends, but it wasn’t what their fans had hoped for a family link. The two have similar tattoos, and their teeth alignment has people thinking they could be related!

Is Lil Baby and Rylo Rodriguez Related

How did Lil Baby and Rylo Rodriguez meet?

Lil Baby says he knew Rylo Rodriguez before but not as a rapper but rather someone who had been close to him for years because his mom was friends with his mom since high school.

They have collaborated together on songs like “Yea Yea” and “Flexin.” Lil Baby has watched all of All Eyez On Me just recently while Rylo might have seen it when it came out back in 2017 or so?

The two are good friends according to Lil baby himself: “I know him through my mother,”

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Lil Baby and Rylo Rodriguez working together

They worked more closely together on a song called “Dirty Hands” and Lil Baby has said that he would love to work with Rylo more often. The song was written by Rylo.

Lil Baby had said that in his opinion, they both have vastly different styles and there was no pressure for them to work together again because it felt like a one-time thing. 

“It’s more of just friends,” he says about the relationship between Lil baby and Rylo Rodriguez but who knows? They might surprise us with something else!

Who is more popular between them?

In terms of popularity, it’s hard to say. Lil Baby has been more active on social media and in the music scene than Rylo but he is also younger than him so maybe that accounts for some of the difference as well.

One thing we know for sure though? They are both great young rappers with a lot of potential.

Which song they Collaborate on Together?

Rylo and Lil Baby collaborated on “Drip Too Hard” which is probably their most popular track. 

While it’s been reported that they aren’t working on any collaborations in the future we wouldn’t really know for sure until some time has passed from now. They may be planning something!

They also have collaborated once before, at this point it seems unlikely but who knows – if someone else reached out to them maybe they would do more projects or even get back together as collaborators again.

It was rumored that Rylo had stopped collaborating because he felt like his style didn’t match up with Lil baby’s- but many rappers develop different styles