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Is Kodak Black Still Alive in 2023?

The American rapper Kodak Black is rising to fame through his debut album ”Painting Pictures”. He started to recognize by people after releasing his single No Flockin. Recently there is some news that went viral on social media. Most of them are about his personal life and profession. Is Kodak Black still alive?

Well, the answer is yes. Kodak Black is still alive and doing well. He attacked in Tallahassee. That time he was injured by these goons. When this news spread, people thought he died on the spot. So, his fans and other people started to write condolences on his death. 

Is Kodak Black Still Alive
Kodak Black/Image: globalnews.ca

However, Kodak’s death rumor spread through social media. At first, a Facebook page posted about Kodak Black’s death. Then people shared and started to talk about this matter. 

Besides, Kodak faced death hoax rumors. Celeb like Black used to this kind of rumor. So, they did not pay attention to these rumors. Social media created this news intentionally to increase their page followers. 

Moreover, there was another rumor about his death. Many people thought that he was dead in prison. But that is not true. Cause he was sentenced to four years in jail. Kodak was stayed under the law rules and gave 18 months of probation. 

How Did Kodak Black React to this Rumor?

This rumor gave him another chance to enjoy his life more. First of all, he did not pay attention to this rumor. Then he has to spoke to clear the matter. 

Because of Kodak and his team’s silence, the rumor spread and gone out of control. Then his manager confirms his belonging. After the announcement of his belonging, his fans got relief. 

When a piece of news circulated about Kodak’s belonging, his fans were shocked and speechless. They did not accept the news. After hearing the news, they started to write condolence and Tweet about him. 

That time he was in prison. So, he could not respond to the matter. His manager cleared the rumor. When all the rumors cleared, his fans got relief. 

Early Life of Kodak Black 

Kodak Black was born on June 11, 1997, in Florida. His parents are immigrant Haitian. After his birth, his father left them. So, he was raised by his single mother. 

When his father abandoned them, they shifted to another housing area. The place was not standard, surrounding full of crimes. Somehow, Kodak was involved in these crimes. He started to sell drugs at an early age. 

Kodak attended elementary school and did not interested in academic education. From his childhood, he was interested in music and rap song. At a time, he started to learn vocabulary. Learning English vocabulary is the first step to fulfill his dream. 

Though he has poor attendance, he did not care about it. In school, he was fighting several times that why he was banishment on some occasions. 

Even Kodak was arrested for involving in crime in middle school. He was arrested for auto theft and went to jail for the first time. Anyway, from an early age, he used his nickname Black and then used Lil Black. Then he chose the surname Kodak when he joined on Instagram. 

Moreover, in fifth grade, he was fighting and got expelled from school. Then at the age of 12, he started rapping and record his first song. According to Kodak, he had only two options for his future. Either selling drugs with a gun or becoming a rapper. 

Kodak’s Social Media Activity

Kodak Black is a famous rapper who has a verified Instagram account. On Instagram, he has around 10.9 million followers. He did not active on social media like Instagram. 

If you follow his Instagram account, you will see his activity. On Instagram, he posted very few photos. Even he did not share his special moments. 

Though he has a huge number of fan followers, he did not post on his verified account. Because of his absence on social media, people got a chance to spread the rumor. 

Social media is a great place to connect with his fans virtually. But he did not interested in social media. According to his social media account, he posted only four times on his Instagram account.