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Is Julia Bradbury Married to Tom Bradbury?

Recently Julia Bradbury is a top search on social media. Julia is a BBC presenter and also known as the Countryfile program’s actor. Including Julia and Tom Bradbury, there has been a ton of questions. The most search question is ”Is Julia Bradbury married to Tom Bradbury’?’. 

Well, there is no confusion. They are not married. Tom Bradbury is the elder brother of Julia Bradbury. Anyway, Juia married Gerard Cunningham in 2000. Moreover, they had three children. They lead happy life. 

Is Julia Bradbury Married to Tom Bradbury
Julia Bradbury/Image: malaysia.news.yahoo.com

On the internet, there is a rumor about Julia and Tom. People used to believe everything on social media. They should justify the rumor then believe it. Because of social media, rumors spread quickly. 

Tom Bradbury shares the same profession with his sister Julia. From 2012 to 2016, he represents a political discussion program. However, through this program, he got popular. 

As a sibling, they have a good relationship. They are connected and grow a healthy relationship. Moreover, they always help each other. This is the true bonding between them. 

However, Julia is happy with her family and child. She gave birth to her first son in 2011. Then again gave birth twin girl in 2015. As a mother of three children, she has a lot of responsibilities.

How is Julia’s Married Life? 

Julia Bradbury get married in 2000 to Irish husband Gerard Cunningham. They spent 20 years happily. In these years, they see the ups and downs in their life.

Her husband Gerard works as a property developer. Recently, Julia gave an interview to Hello!. In that interview, she told about How caring his husband is as a father. 

Julia Bradbury said, “Gerry’s a very loving, caring parent, and his cuddles are as important as mine. If I’m on the other side of the world or a shoot up a mountain and you can’t get me because my phone’s off, he’s the go-to daddy,”

Moreover, Julia also shared her feeling when she first conceive. Because of her endometriosis, she was afraid that she was not able to give birth to a baby. Anyway, she is happy to be a mother. 

Still, they are happy and lead a precious life. Then the twin is very special to them. Because they wanted a twin and somehow the miracle happen. as parents of three children, they are happy. 

Social Media Fame of Julia

Julia Bradbury is famous on social media account like Instagram. On her Instagram account, Julia has a huge number of followers. She has a verified account with 147k followers. Because of his work and social awareness video, her fan-followers are increasing day by day. 

If you notice her Instagram account, you will see her responsibility as a human being. During her disease, she used to share her pain and conscious women to regular check-ups. 

After her treatment, she tried to connect and close to nature. During his treatment period, she got a lot of best wishes. This is proof of her popularity. Anyway, the diseases gave her another chance to live a healthy life. 

Moreover, she connected with several charities and kept doing good work for people. Julia is a very charming and caring person. She is the one who used to run several charities. 

Through social media, her charity got help from her followers. Anything is possible on social media. However, her popularity did not gain overnight. She has to struggle and fight for good work.