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Is Julia Bradbury ill?

Julia Bradbury is mostly known as a television presenter. She is also known for specializing in documentaries. Including Julia Bradbury, there has been a ton of questions. Recently she has faced a terrible situation in her life. The most asked question is ”Is Julia Bradbury ill?”

Well, the answer is yes. Recently, Julia has announced her breast cancer. She undergoes surgery. When she was known first time about her cancer, she broke down mentally. Then during diagnosis, she has to remove her left breast. 

Is Julia Bradbury Ill
Julia Bradbury/Image: itv.com

Moreover, she has to go through urgent surgery. In her breast, there was a 6cm tumor. The surgeon also took a tissue from her nudes to know whether or not the tissue spread. 

After her surgery and diagnosis, she came out to encourage women to check up on their breasts. She also told them not to ignore breast pain and when they notice the unusual shape. This is a serious issue.

“Please self-check regularly & if you have any unexplained pain, tenderness or lumps, please ask for checks & follow-ups.

“And ask for a 2nd opinion if you’re not happy.” – Julia posted on her Twitter account. 

As a mother of three children, she wanted to stay positive about his disease. She posted before her surgery on Twitter, ”Goodbye left boob. Thank you. I’ve breastfed my children w/you, I’ve jumped into the sea, I’ve walked thousands of miles with you. Now it’s time for something new.”Wise is the one who flavors the future with some salt from the past.”

How is Julia Bradbury Right Now?

Julia Bradbury is recovering now from her mastectomy. During her surgery, she got a lot of best wishes and love from her relative, well-wishers, and fans. 

However, her birthday was during her diagnosis period. She got a lot of birthday wishes on her birthday. Julia was overwhelming to see those wishes. Because of her courage, she recovers very soon. 

It is not easy to accept that you are going to lose a part of your body. Julia also could not accept her diseases. But she was thoroughly getting strong mentally. 

Besides, her family was very supportive from the beginning. Still, they gave her courage. Most important thing is, she is recovering. Finally, she getting relief from her breast cancer.

Moreover, she repeats to aware women to check their breasts regularly. In a newspaper interview, she told “Being scared of a diagnosis could be the thing which kills you. So learn what to look for and check, check, check.” 

As a Charity Work Person

Julia Bradbury is the brand ambassador of the Scout Association. Including Scout, she is the brand ambassador of several charities. Through his work, she has increased the charity fund several times. 

However, she accepted a challenge with his sister in 2014. After winning the challenge, she gave the money to the Macmillan Cancer Support. Then the same year, she went from Kazakhstan to Mongolia for Children in Need with her co-star Matt Baker. 

Even she fulfilled her duty as a president of a charity from 2008 to 2016. The charity is known as Friends of the Peak District. Besides, she is the vice-president of the CPRE in South Yorkshire. Later, selected as the president of Ramblers.

Because of her experience in charity work, she gets these opportunities. If you find out about her charity work, you could not finish. As a health-conscious person, she works with British Heart Foundation.