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Is Joe Budden Single

Joe Budden is an American rapper, songwriter, and broadcaster. He is a former member of the hip-hop group Slaughterhouse.

While he is certainly a public figure, Budden is relatively private when it comes to his personal life. This has led many to wonder: is Joe Budden single?

Well, the answer is yes. Joe Budden is single right now. There has been a rumor that he is in a relationship with model and entrepreneur Cyn Santana. 

Is Joe Budden Single
Joe Budden/Image/Instagram: @joebudden

But Budden has never confirmed their relationship status, it seems safe to assume that the two are at least close friends.

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So, is Joe Budden single? It’s hard to say for sure. However, based on his lack of public relationships and his close friendship with Cyn Santana. It seems safe to assume that Budden is currently single.

Budden has never been one to shy away from talking about his relationships on his podcast. Even, he has discussed his breakups at length on the show. 

Joe Budden’s relationship History

Budden has had some high-profile relationships over the years. He was engaged to model Tahiry Jose from 2011 to 2012.   

The couple had a very public and volatile relationship, which was often documented on Budden’s popular podcast.  

In 2016, Budden began dating model Cyn Santana. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Lexington, in 2018. Santana and Budden ended their relationship in 2019. 

Joe Budden has been in the public eye for a while now, and with that comes rumors about his personal life. One persistent rumor is that Joe Budden has been married before. 

This rumor started because Joe Budden was once engaged to model Tahiry Jose. Tahiry later confirmed that she and Joe Budden were not married, but she did not deny that they were once engaged.

Budden has also been rumored to be dating several other women. He has been linked to model Esther Baxter, model Kayla Collins, and rapper Azealia Banks. 

None of these rumors have been confirmed. Budden has had a long and public career, and with that comes rumors about his personal life.

Does Joe Budden have a Child?

Budden has never been married, but he has two children. His first child, a son named Joseph Budden III, was born in 2001. 

His second child, again a son named Lexington, was born in 2017. Budden has been open about his struggles with fatherhood. 

In 2016, he wrote an article for XXL Magazine about his experience as a father of two. 

In the article, Budden spoke about the challenges of co-parenting and the importance of being present in his children’s lives.

Joe Budden’s relationship with his child has been a difficult one. His child’s mother has accused him of being an absentee father and has even gone so far as to file a restraining order against him.

Moreover, Budden has also been arrested for domestic violence against his child’s mother.

Despite all of this, Budden has said that he still loves his child and is working hard to be a better father. 

He has even started a podcast called “The Joe Budden Podcast” where he talks about fatherhood and other topics.

Joe Budden’s Family Background

Joe Budden was born in New Jersey in 1980. His mother is African-American and his father is of Irish and Italian descent.

Budden’s parents divorced when he was young and he was raised by his mother. He has a sibling, an older brother.

Joe’s family was not well off financially. His father was a drug addict and his mother was on welfare.

He had to drop out of high school to help support his family. He began selling drugs at a young age and was eventually arrested for drug possession. 

Budden has said that growing up, he never had any money or anything of value.

Joe’s mother worked two jobs to support her children and the family often struggled financially. Budden began rapping at a young age and was signed to a record label when he was just 17 years old. 

He released his first album in 2003 and has since released four more albums. Budden is also a successful podcast host and has appeared on several reality TV shows.