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Is Ice-T Still Married?

Tracy Lauren Marrow is another name of Ice-T. He is a well-known American rapper likewise songwriter. Ice-T became famous in the 1980s.

A question is being arise on the internet “Is Ice- T Still Married?” Let’s find out the answer and explain the fact.

Well, the answer to the question is “Yes.” Ice-T is still married. Possibly there has been a rumor spread on the internet that Ice-T got divorced. For this reason, people are searching on the internet to know about the personal life of Ice-T.

Is Ice-T Still Married
Ice-T with his Wife/Image Source: @usdailyreport.com

Personal Life of Ice-T

Ice- T married an American beautiful lady Coco Austin. The couple met together before their marriage and dated for a long time. Ice-T married her in 2002.

Currently, they are passing their 20 years of married life. Ice- T is the father of three children. Tracy Marrow Jr is the son of the American rapper.

By the way, Ice-T and his wife do not get divorced, they are still married. The couple is passing their life happily.

What does Ice-T’s wife do?

The name of Ice-T’s wife is Coco Austin. Her full name is Nicole Natalie Marrow Austin. She is also known as Coco Marie Austin.

Ice-T’s wife was born in Tarzana, is a suburban neighborhood of Los Angeles, California in the United States on 17 March 1979. According to 2022, Coco Austin is 43 years old.

Talking about education, Coco Austin studied at a high school in his hometown. Later, she started her career as an actress. Coco Austin started work as a model when she was 18 years old.

Her first magazine was Swimwear Illustrated which became popular in the United States. In 1998, Coco participated Ujena Contest in Mexico and became the winner. As a result, she became more popular.

Ice-T’s wife was also worked in events and parties for a long time. After that, she appeared in the film industry and worked with some low-budget movies including Desert Rose.

Sometimes Coco Austin was also seen in TV shows as a guest. She also appeared rap music video in 2019. As for her work, Coco Austin is a well-known actress and model. She became a famous actress within a short time.

Are Ice-T & his wife still together?

Yes, Ice-T & his wife Coco Austin are still together.

Ice-T married Coco Austin in 2002 and they are currently living in North Bergen, New Jersey in the United States. 20 years have passed since their marriage. Coco Austin has a daughter named Chanel Nicole Marrow.

Mike Williams is the ex-husband of Coco Austin. After separation from her ex-husband, Coco Austin married the rapper Ice-T.

Ice-T and Coco worked together in a reality television series named Ice Loves Coco. The TV series started on 12 June 2011 and it was three seasons show.

Currently, Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin are passing a great time and focusing on their career. However, Ice-T & Coco Austin are still together and living happily.

Ice-T’s career

Ice-T develops a tremendous career throughout his whole life. Before appearing as a rapper, he served the United States Army for a few years. Ice- T was interested in hip-hop music.

Moreover, Ice-T performed at many DJ parties to increase his fame. He got more attention during his work and became inspired to be a rapper. Ice- T released a lot of rap songs including Body Rock.

“Killers” was the first political rap song of Ice- T which was released in 1984. The rapper met with Coco Austin during his musical career. After one year of marriage, Ice- T released the song Beat of Life which was much popular.

However, Ice-T worked in the film industry besides the rap industry. Breakin was a film where Ice-T first appeared. He worked with a lot of films. In 2006, Ice-T worked with a television show named “Ice-T’s Rap School.”

Chappelle’s Show was an American comedy show where Ice-T made an appearance. The rapper gained a lot of fame by his excellent skill and achieved millions of fan-followers.

What is Ice-T doing now?

Currently, Ice-T is living in his apartment in New Jersey. The rapper is focusing on his career, family, and health.

By the way, Ice-T did not marry more than one and he is still with his wife Coco Austin. The couple is taking care of their child and doing great in their married life